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  1. $4589, no deaths, about 8:05, so approximate score 2164 I will be away from tomorrow morning to Monday afternoon and no idea if I will have internet access. So probably won't be able to answer any more queries. I don't think there should be any though. We seem to have gone over all possibilities now.
  2. This bug has got worse. For races that should be locked to a single, non-custom car, there is no longer the option to turn customs off, even for a job in the middle of a playlist. To make matters worse when switching between the available cars you no longer have the "confirm" option for the car you want to choose, if it's the single non-custom one. So even if you think you have switched to the non-custom car you may have actually just selected whichever of your custom cars appears first. It is possible to get round this but won't be obvious to everyone. Just switch between the different cars until you get to the non-custom car you want, don't move down to where the confirm option should be, just press X to select the car. I know that's not very clear, it's quite hard to explain, easiest thing is just to load up a race that you know is supposed to be locked to a non-custom car and see for yourself. Hosts; if you plan on using a race locked to a single non-custom car, be aware that some people probably won't understand the bug and even if you tell them which car to pick may accidently pick a custom car. Creators; you can still get round this by having two cars available so that customs can be turned off. But then you have to tell the host to turn off customs and tell everyone which car to pick.
  3. I think I can declare the results now. So it's comgratulations to the winning Potato Snacks team, in 2nd were Ally & Zmurko just ahead of Fido & Skorp. Thanks to everyone for taking part @Potato @no_snacks 97.630 @Crawford1872 @zmurko 98.731 @Fido_le_muet @Skorpion 98.766 @scottay @DavidCore89 100.934 @Lann @djw180 102.489
  4. 5 x 20 = 100, yes
  5. No problem Lann. You don't have to deposit the cash, just have the video show the deposit screen. The moment that appears is when the timer stops.
  6. Strictly speaking, yes that's not valid as the instructions did say to stop the video after banking the cash. But we can just add 1s to your time for extra little step.
  7. @kernalhogan same for me. Just had to re-make my Anihilation air race as the tirgger was right on the coast. So now it's back to 0 plays.
  8. You can only pick up a helicopter from within LSIA or one of the helipads they spawn or Pegaus delivers to. So no placing any on the map anywhere before you start. Other Pegasus vehicles are banned anyway. I guess having a car/bike somewhere is OK as you're always going to be faster in a helicopter. The bank screen that shows how much money you have is used to mark the end of the timer. So long as we see that screen on the video you don't have actually deposit the cash.
  9. ps4

    RSSC link updated. Forced to re-make due to latest R* creator bug. If anyone else finds their jobs will not load check where the trigger is. If they are too close to the sea they may not work even though they have been fine in the past. YOu just have to move the trigger a bit inland and re-publish. But it appears to make it a completely new job and still keeps the old, broken version as well.
  10. no, you can get a new one from one of the helipads where they spawn, either just take what's there or call Pegasus for one of your own Unfortunately that disqualifies the attempt, killing the shop owner is not allowed. We don't mind encourgaing theft but not murder
  11. First proper attempt. $3905, -$300 for accidental death, about 10 minutes so - 5*10*60 score ~605 (will work out accurately if required, hopefully won't be)
  12. ps4

    Playlist for tonight Meet at Sandyshores Airfield in your MOCs or other Big Rigs for impromptu races, followed by Rally Run II - stunt and dirt track, Coupes Havoc on Hawick - Vans Low Ri Da - locked to Voodoo Land Act Resivoir Cruise - boats Classic Rose - GTA - no owned weapons, customs off, sports classics Coil Unleashed - stock Brawler The Northern Loop - motorbikes, 1st person, traffic (blame Lime) Go Jump a Lake - Stunt, supers Off the Radar: Senora - Besra ROC Zancudo - stunt track, stock Omnis Weather and time of day set to current
  13. That risks making it too complicated if other people start asking for exceptions to the rules. The no CEO & solo lobby rule is there to cover a few things. Far simpler to leave the rules as they are at this stage.
  14. OK, no problem then, sorry I thought you meant during the challenge.
  15. Sorry Lann that's not allowed, rules say " please do this from a solo lobby and not in an MC nor as a CEO/VIP (if those are possible in solo) ". I know what you did would not have gained any advantage, but if we start making excpetions to the rules now it could get too complicated as other exceptions get requested, so we have to stick to the rules as they are.