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  1. Of the ones I've done you can usually turn customs off. But if the starting vehicle is something that doesn't have a custom version (cycle, boat) you may not be able to. I've not done enough to be totally sure. The option to turn customs off not being there could of course be a bug, Rockstar seem to like that sort of bug.
  2. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    It's Whacky Races this week. I've not even begun to pick the races yet partly because I've been a bit busy with work but also because Rockstar should be releasing the new Transform races today. So I am thinking of doing a playlist that's about half and half R* Transform and XDBX normal road races. So watch this space for more details.
  3. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    My videos, no issues. quali race
  4. Crew Challenge 138 – Free roam time trial

    The time trial has been updated. This week's is Down Chiliad. I'm not sure how well this will work on a motorbike so I may change the rules to any vehicle you want (other than the excluded ones). It may be more of a challenge getting your car to the start point. Should we just do this in Reginas?
  5. Crew Challenge 138 – Free mode time trial For this one we'll be doing the free mode time trail that shows up on your map as a purple stop watch icon when you are in a public lobby. This week Rockstar have chosen Down Chiliad. It should stay as this for about a week. Once it changes, expected sometime in the morning European time 24th Oct, the challenge is over This will be a 2 player team event. One teammate in a car the other on a motor bike. Only vehicles that are available in a normal land race may be used (so no Rocket Voltic, Oppressor etc). For the purposes of this challenge a car is any 4 wheeled vehicle (or the Raptor if you want) but not any form of the blazer. Not that I think those rules are needed, but they are there just incase. To start the time trial you enter a public session, drive into the purple marker and then race to the finish taking any route you like. At the end a screen shows your time, which you'll probably want to take a screen shot of. There is a par time set by Rockstar, if you beat that you get a big cash prize. You can reply it as many times as you want but you only get the cash prize once. If you go wrong you can use triangle to re-start. You can do this in any weather conditions, any time of day you like. I believe you go passive when you start so other people in the lobby should not have too much of effect. If the new time trial tomorrow has any different rules then I'll update our rules here if necessary. Starts, now, Ends when Down Chiliad is no longer the time trial, probably around 9-10 UTC 24th October This challenge was suggested by Proto. I am always looking for suggestions for different challenges, so if you have an idea do please let me know.
  6. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    Challenge over. Any more times please post ASAP.
  7. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    Mine, Red 1:32.460 Blue 1:33.995
  8. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Yes sub 1:25s are easily achievable. I base that on me being able to get 1:24s and some 1:23s, even had a 1:22.5 once, but I'm not sure if that lap was valid due to accidently going over the curbs on the last corner. Am I right in assuming we can take that final corner however we like because the slow down strips are placed to catch you if you do go too far over the curbs?
  9. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    Just under 24 hours to go. Current standings, red blue total @Potato 01:28.353 01:30.322 02:58.675 @Crawford1872 01:31.791 01:27.620 02:59.411 @djw180 01:33.995 01:32.460 03:06.455 @Lann 01:36.463 01:30.424 03:06.887 @zmurko 01:35.063 01:34.027 03:09.090 @Dodge 01:35.763 01:34.862 03:10.625 @Con ? ? ?
  10. ps4 S'n'G's Treasure Hunt (Xyon)

    There's no RSVP buttons.
  11. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    and in the Sabre Turbo Custom Blue 1:35.7 1:33.995 Red 1:33.8 1:32.460
  12. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Whacky Races is about once a month, not necessarily every 4 weeks.
  13. ps4 M.A.R.D.Y

    I'm easy. If you host it I'll be there, but I can find other things to do.
  14. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    @LimeGreenLegend are you OK to host this week? If not we'll need a guest host or cancel. I'm away with work.
  15. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    Epic 1st game must have had 12 deuces.

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