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  1. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    @LimeGreenLegend is hosting this week.
  2. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    You can get on the train, and then get 5* if you prefer. I find it easiest to get in a suitable vehicle with rockest and wait near a tunnel that overlooks a road, start shooting up cars and cops when they arrive. Do that till I have 5*, then go inside the tunnel and wait for the train and just keep shooting at the police to keep the wanted level.
  3. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    The final results are as above then. So congratulations to Spud for the win, quite closely followed by Pretend, just ahead of Lann. Thanks to everyone who had a go. @Potato 6:40 @PretendWereDead 6:47 @Lann 6:48 @djw180 7:35 @Spinnaker1981 7:55 @Fido_le_muet 8:05 @Firebear926 8:23
  4. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Are these the correct final times? @Potato 6:40 @PretendWereDead 6:47 @Lann 6:48 @djw180 7:35 @Spinnaker1981 7:55 @Fido_le_muet 8:06 @Firebear926 8:23
  5. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    A couple of more test runs done. The train always stops at the power plant. If you get on and have a wanted level and / or cops in pursuit, it will not start moving again. I'm not sure whether it is simply the wanted level that means the train will not start moving again or if it's just because cops chasing you may be blocking the track. But the main thing is it stops and does not start again. So no one should be able to do more than 1 lap with 5*. The key to this challenge is then getting on the train with 5* as soon as possible after the train has gone past the power plant, keeping those 5* when it goes through the tunnels, and then staying alive when it does stop.
  6. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    First attempt, about 14 minutes. Around 11:50 on the video the train stops. It's when it gets to the oil power station. I tried it another 2 times getting on the train shortly before it reaches there and both times it stopped and did not start moving again until I died or lost the stars. Does this matter? I said in the original rules you had to be on a moving train, but that that was just to rule out anyone getting on a stationary train carriage that never moves in one of the sidings, rail yards etc. I don't think it matters if you get on a moving train that then stops. It just makes it harder to survive. In fact I was finding it rather easy to survive on the moving train. The hardest thing was keeping the wanted level when you go through tunnels. If I find it easy then how long might some of the much better combat players be able to survive for? So it's probably a good thing that the train does stop at some point as that makes it harder to survive. I've no idea if there are other points on the map it might stop at. But if this is the only place then it does mean the best strategy is to get on the train with 5* just after it has passed this place so you have a full lap of the map before it comes to a halt. But then if staying alive on the moving train is easy the challenge is essentially just how long you can survive for when it does come to a halt. Any thoughts? @Lann @pete_95973 @Con @Potato @SINISTER120 + anyone else.
  7. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Any ammo is allowed (at the moment) as you only have a limited supply. Personally I find it easier to shoot the gunners on helicopters with a rifle than blow up the helicopter, so I don't think it makes that much difference. I'll clarify that. To me it was covered by the no contacting NPCs rule. So once your timed run is started you can not contact anyone, any organisation or anything at all to get re-supplies of ammunition. Jut tag in others to make sure we all know this @Lann @SINISTER120 Any thing else, please ask. I don't do much in free roam so we need queries like this to get everything straight. We could ban explosive ammo. Lann - this was your idea so I'll leave that for you to decide.
  8. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Any weapons you have normally in free roam when on foot. I think that and the rule on no vehicles on the train kind of equate to the same thing, but just covering everything that might be possible.
  9. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco This is a single player challenge suggested by Lann. It's quite simple, how long can you survive with a 5* wanted level on a train? your time starts from when you have a 5* wanted level and are on a moving train it's up to you whether you get the 5* then get on the train or the other way round if the train stops (which it appears it does at one point on the circuit) then just stay on it and survive for as long as you can your time ends when you die, no longer have a 5* wanted level or get off the train you can do anything you want to get the 5* in the first place, but once you are on the train with 5* you may not eat snacks nor use any new armour you must not wear anything on your head just to rule out anything that might give some protection you may not wear any special gear that gives additional protection you may not use your phone nor contact NPCs in another way you may not re-supply with ammunition in anyway at all once your timed attempt has started you can use any hand held weapons you can use any vehicle you like before getting on the train, but you may not place any vehicles on the train (if that's even possible) you can do this in any type of lobby but it's a solo event so no getting a freind to help you in anyway Most of these rules are there to try and reduce the amount of time you can survive for on the train to make this over quicker. If anyone can think of other things that can be ruled out please say so as soon as possible. You must save a video of the whole thing and post it here so we can time how long you survived for. Starts now Ends 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) 28th May All videos to be posted by 19:00 BST 30th May
  10. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    I won't be online later when this ends, so just a reminder this ends at 19:00 BST (18:00 UTC) today. My best time remains the 7:35 from before.
  11. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    I've done that a few times.
  12. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Tonight's races, not in order Holy Hermes - locked to Hermes, mainly dirt Choo Choo - vans, on railway tracks The Northern Loop - motorbikes, road Cross Town Traffic - bicycles, traffic on, streets Tug Huh War - GTA in air tugs, no getting off your vehicle, owned guns allowed but no explosives COIL unleashed - locked to the Brawler, roads and dirt Go Jump a Lake! - supers, stunt race Gold Coast Circuit - Compacts, stunt track Circuit Xero, sports, stunt track Lake Vinewood Water Kart - boats, seashark Alamo RX - stock sports classics, roads Last 2 from upcoming Clash of Crews H2H
  13. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Whacky Races this week. Don't forget this time slot in our weekly events schedule is available for anyone to host a one off playlist or event. Just let me know a couple of weeks in advance if you'd like to do something.
  14. non-racing Crew Challenges

    The problem with making it have to be in a public lobby is you can find one that's effectively as safe a solo lobby, if everyone else there is just doing there own thing, CEO, bunker etc. So it could end up everyone just gets their best times a "public" lobby that wasn't any more dangerous than a solo one. How can you get yourself a bounty? I think stealing NPC cars repeatedly may work, but not sure how long it would take. No BPH is good idea. Do any other helmets give protection? Should we just say no head gear?

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