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  1. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    If you can find a teammate their's plenty of time to join this one. I am going to extend a couple of days.
  2. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    I am thinking of extending this, taking into account a good start day for the following Xmas-New Year challenge. Speaking of which, any ideas for a challenge to take advantage of the snow?
  3. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    5 days to go @The_Lady_A & @Banketelli @Road2fury & @Beez @XuTek6651 @Con @Crawford1872 @Lann @D-Rocks09 @djw180 @omarcomin71 @Protocawl My best so far is a 4:25 (BF400)
  4. ps4 Bobsleigh

    https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/my-jobs/?date=last7 A race I made ages ago for use in the snow, recently updated. P2P downhill from the Observatory to LSIA in Golf Cart. To ensure customs are off and only the Golf Cart can be picked, switch classes to sports, turn customs off then switch back to utility. I wouldn't really recomend doing this in sports, they will probably be too fast for some of the jumps. The sports option is there purely to get around the bug that does not let us properly lock races to a single vehicle
  5. Hello, yet again.

    Welcome back.
  6. Hello! Interested in joining your crew!

    You're welcome to join our playlist tonight at 9pm, It's an open event anyway. http://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/calendar/event/514-limes-tip-touching-fridays/ If you can't RSVP (although I think you should be able to as a site member irrespective of if you have a crew invite yet) just post something on the thread.
  7. Shoutbox

    me too, well I have a mobile but it's not a smartphone, cost £10 I think
  8. Christmas - New Year challenge

    Any ideas for a crew challenge to run over Chistmas and New Year to take advantage of the expected snow that usually hits GTAonline around then? In previous years we've done a solo time trial where you need to do one lap in the snow and one in normal clear weather. The snow is usually there for two periods of a couple days around Dec 25th and Jan 1st. The other option that has been suggested is free-roam snow ball kills. We could try to combine both, every snowball kill knocks some time off your racing total. But I'm not sure how many snow ball kills people would get, (I suspect I'd get around 0) so it's very hard to judge how much time each kill should knock off your race time. Then I thought why not just do 2 challenges that run parralell? One will be a race like before, lap time in snow + lap time in clear The other is the most unique snowball kills, killing the same player multiple times only counts as 1 kill screenshots or video must be saved cleary showing the on screen message of who you just killed and making it clear it was with a snowball we could organise crew & friend sessions for this as well So does that sound good, any other ideas? Any potential problems? Any suggestions for a race? We already have one suggestion to make a race just for this and everyone has to use a specific car, maybe something easily obtainable off the streets of LS, Regina perhaps?
  9. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    Doing the draw now. Pool A, opting for the Truck or no preference, Ally, XuTek, Road2Fury, D-Rock, Omar, LadyA Pool B, opting for the bike or no preference, Me, Banks, Lann, Con, Beez, Proto Randomly re-order both pools pairing up 1st from A with 1st from B etc, and we have .... @The_Lady_A @Banketelli @Road2fury @Beez @XuTek6651 @Con @Crawford1872 @Lann @D-Rocks09 @djw180 @omarcomin71 @Protocawl Unless anyone has changed their mind that means all vehicles types have been selected already. You are free to change roles with your teammate at any point in the challenge, if you should both want to do so..
  10. Crew Challenge 142 - Super Selection

    Final results. Congratulations to Ally in 1st, Banks 2nd and Xutek 3rd. Thanks to everyone who had a go. @Crawford1872 T20 & Osiris 114.61 @Banketelli T20 & Osiris 115.98 @XuTek6651 Itali & Zentorno 117.12 @Fido_le_muet T20 & Turismo 117.85 @Lann Itali & Tempesta 120.12 @djw180 XA21 & Reaper 123.02 @The_Lady_A Vagner & Cheetah 125.46
  11. Crew Challenge 142 - Super Selection

    We've tried that though and even on Broughy's test track there wasn't perfect correlation between the times from his data and what could actually be achieved.
  12. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    @LimeGreenLegend is hosting this week. @Lann can we have the RSVPs cleared, and can you delete everything after the 2nd post up to the one before this please
  13. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    All explained in the first post
  14. PretendWereDead

    Hello and Welcome.

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