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  1. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    I'm In Lanzerote, did not pack the ps4.
  2. non-racing Crew Challenges

    Nice, we will def do this
  3. ps4 Crew Challenge 147

    My times were very Inconsistant. 1stvattempt 9.10, next few over 9.30 and no IDea why, then under 9.00 twice? A bit like typing on this tablet.
  4. ps4 Crew Challenge 147

    I won't be starting the next one till the 26th at the earliest so feel free to extend this if you like.
  5. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    Results time, Air TT Team Banks 5:16 3 Team Fido 5:21 2 Team America 5:33 1 DM Team Banks 28 3 Team Fido 18 2 Team America 13 1 Parachute Team America 359.0 3 Team Banks 358.75 2 Team Fido 349 1 Land Team TT Team Banks 3:36 3 Team Fido 3:44 2 Team America 3:49 1 Los Santos Connection Team Banks 3:35 3 Team America 7:00 2 Team Fido 8:15 1 So that makes the final scores 1st Team Banks 14 points 2nd = Team Fido & Team America 8 points So it's congratulations to @Banketelli @Protocawl @Lann @Spinnaker1981 And thanks to everyone else for taking part.
  6. ps4 Crew Challenge 147

    Great challenge Hatch. I'll have a quick go at this today, set the standard for the rest of you . Phantom - 8:58.848 Golf 1 under
  7. Bumps Adverse Tuesday

    @Protocawl I'll be off mic, as usual, but also not able to see the shoutbox, so just asign me appropriate roles.
  8. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    I assume you mean 355 for the parachuting?
  9. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    My times / scores paracuting 355 air race 5:16.594 TDM 22 kills Team Fido oval time trial  3:44.647 Team Fido Los Santos Connection about 8:15 (not time exactly yet)
  10. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    That's it then. Challenge over. Please get your times and scores posted as soon as you can, ideally within 24 hours so I can work out the result before I dissapear on holiday. And it's over to @JustHatched for the next challenge.
  11. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    All teammates, that's why it's the average, doesn't matter how many teammates you have.
  12. ps4 Spike's Pink Sprint

    Removed the confusing and unnecessary pitlane and added all the latest stock cars.
  13. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    err ....... no! Just to make doubley sure this is clear. What I mean for the individual events is the team's score / time is the average of the best scores / times of each team member = (teammateA's best score/time + teammateB's best score/time + teammateC's best score/time + .... etc ..... ) / Number of Teammmates
  14. planning Darts Tourney?

    I'm interested. What's double elimination?

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