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  1. Best Cars per Class (PS4)

    The Pariah is currently on sale. Should I buy it? My fastest Sports car is the Massacro right now and I'm pretty sure the Pariah is now the king of the class. I have not researched that but I'm pretty sure I've heard/read that it's the best. My worry is that R* will alter the specs in an update and then it won't be the best and I've wasted money. What say you, crew?
  2. Hi, I’m Dustin

    Welcome to the crew Dustin.
  3. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Happening today? If we're desperate I can run a playlist from my bookmarked jorbs.
  4. Hi there

    Welcome to the crew. Invite sent.
  5. Post Pics of your new shit

    Pretend it has rads mounted in the trunk with ducting. Hey, it could happen!
  6. Free Weekend

    I'll look into it. I've heard of it but know nothing about it.
  7. Post Pics of your new shit

    I got one too. Mine has no performance mods yet and it easily completed a rock crawler race made for custom Sandkings. Next I want to try it on one of those Paul Coya jobs recommended by @Slayso
  8. ps4 Sunday Drive

    Too early for me too. Wish I could make it.
  9. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    Sounds fun. No tires is fun but I've missed the most recent ones that the crew has done. The regular Blazer with no tires is ridiculous. If you can find a parking lot rallycross type track that might make a good combination.
  10. I don't know why people say a delayed game will be a better game? GTA5 is almost 5 years old and my character still can't climb down a ladder. R* hasn't even made a PS4 game and how long has that been out? They're slackers.
  11. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    An air race with the Molotok or Nakota OR any kind of contact land race is my only request.
  12. Hii I’m Sara.

    Welcome to the crew.
  13. Eager beaver intro

    Hello and welcome.
  14. Good to have you back Jedi!
  15. ps4 Pieces of Disaster

    The most feared races as a new XDBX member were called Disasterpiece. There are 7 in total. Created by evil mastermind Dead_Goon, they are designed to frustrate and test driving precision. This is a tribute. https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/bNJfV0G7i0i-m4jhvmJtew 1-27 players Gauntlet style race inspired by the various Disasterpiece, Scouring the Projects, Alleys and Assholes and Damn You Squirrel races. Best to run non-contact. Most classes available but Super and top Sports cars may be too fast (the rally cars in Sports would be fine though).

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