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  1. I ran a few with @djw180 and the races are just ok, IMHO. The tracks are a bit boring and the planes feel slow. The first few days will be amusing racing them with randoms listening to them struggle. I will not be buying anything just for these races. I generally buy what I like, not always what's best for racing anyway. Remember, it's the Indian, not the arrow. We are all better than most randoms at racing, especially air and sea since most randos never join those in the past. Just put the hammer down and drive!
  2. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    No apologies necessary Chubb, it was just a good aggressive pass and I left the door open. I didn't go off track or lose any time. Good racing everyone.
  3. ps4 Air Pressure

    I don't think it needs those boosts on the jumps. I think they magnify mistakes that normally you could correct.
  4. ps4 M.A.R.D.Y

  5. ps4 Star Wars Battlefront

    Played it for a bit this weekend and it is fun but moves too fast for me. The dogfight was my favorite. There seems to be no defense for the Darth Maul guy. He's just instakill me. Great environment and sound.
  6. poll Vote for Snapmatic Big Air Photos

    I usually go with what moves me.
  7. Gm going all electric

  8. Gm going all electric

    If I have the right video here, this guy has a plan to use a cable that conducts heat from the earths core to heat water to run existing steam turbine power plants. Technology exists from oil drilling to place the cable. 0 emissions.
  9. Gm going all electric

    Bring back steam power!
  10. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Good info @djw180 and thanks for keeping all hosts aware of these types of bugs. Jesse, the new adv mode is fun, I've played it a couple of times. Best with 2 teams IMO. Bombushka adv mode is ok with crew but it's still slow and can drag on so hosts usually keep it to one or two rounds.
  11. Snapmatic Contest - Horror

    With Halloween on the horizon it seems this is the perfect theme for the month. Take your time, I will keep this thread open for entries and changes until well after and new Halloween content is available so you can use it if you want. Anything goes as long as it is spooky. During voting I will instruct the voters to pick based on creepiness Put some effort into it, while just taking a photo of Hatch in his normal outfit will likely win it for you I hope you all are more creative than that. Happy Snappy! Submit your best two photos. You can change them at any point until the thread is locked.
  12. Snapmatic inspiration

    I didn't know if I should put this in the Car Videos topic or this one but it is more about photography than just cool cars. Hope it inspires some ideas.
  13. Graphics Showcase

    My portfolio site
  14. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Here is the last 15 minutes from my POV. Nothing much happens.
  15. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    I must have thought you were on my other side JC. I have my view set to farthest from the car and l try to be aware of others around me. I must have figured, with me clipping the apex that you would be to my right. That's why I moved to the left. I'll link my video if I can get my shit laptop working but I don't think I got the early part of the race.

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