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  1. 1. No. No. 2. Tropos Carbozzianre but on different characters 3. Cheetah
  2. Got laid off today. I'd like to play more GTA but not this way. on the plus side I'm thinking of hosting another NA time zone playlist.
  3. How about some real life Dune action... in the snow!
  4. ps4

    Can a Youga Classic be used as well?
  5. Newest addition. Out with the Jetta TDI, in with the Mazda3. Note: not my house. BeezWife had done an estate sale here, it was a beautiful house!
  6. The problem with it all is the amount of time you have to be in-game. I probably average 6-8 hours of GTA a week and a lot of that is playlists. I want to get all the research done to get the better weapons. Does anyone know if it keeps researching when you're in a playlist?
  7. Could you guys give me your recommendations on the best bunker location please? Cost doesn't matter but I'd rather not buy the most popular one and find myself in a warzone every time. Any other tips on starting out are much appreciated too. Thanks.
  8. Spotted this at the Avon, New York flea market, very cliche. This was what I mentioned before the start of the Montreal race in the Pfister Super Cup. What is the European equivalent of the "Middle-age Crisis Corvette?"
  9. Will I need a bunker AND the MOC to research weapons to Mk2 or can I do that with just the bunker?
  10. ps4

    Here is the last 15 minutes from my view.
  11. @zmurko original post is all black text. Unreadable on dark grey page.
  12. Nice looking pickup except for that thing on the back of the cab but that's just my opinion. I assume you have to put some weight in the back to get it to hook up?
  13. You were on fire @pete_95973
  14. Photographer uses 104 year old camera to shoot Formula 1.