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  1. ps4 DiRT Rally

    I will do it today. Completely destroyed my lights on the night stage despite trying to be careful. I was finally clicking by the last stage.
  2. Hello, yet again.

    THIS! Happy you are back.
  3. Favourite Cover Songs

    Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) covered by Social Distortion.
  4. Hello!

    Welcome. Please make your stats public on your Social Club profile. Our vetting staff looks at those to make sure no money cheats or glitchers. Thanks.
  5. @TheRedEnigma invite sent.
  6. Great intro and welcome! Please make sure your profile and game stats on Social Club are viewable to the public so someone from our vetting staff can send an invite. There is a racing playlist tonight at 10:00pm your time, racing starts at 10:30. We are using stock X80 so you don't need any special car. You will find adversity modes better playing with this group.
  7. Bumps Adverse Tuesday

    I'm a maybe because I'll probably be late.
  8. Spinntires: Mudrunners

    I saw some videos of it. Looks interesting but not available in U.S.
  9. Did you see any good cars today ?

    Last Friday I saw a black Ferrari something on the Mass Pike. Not sure the model name but it was the one that we raced at a TNT IROC night and it has a shooting brake body style. Also it was just above freezing. Then I saw a lifted Ford F-150 from the 90s with a hard bed cover with a wing from a Dodge Neon on it. I looked over at my wife and said, "Sweet truck bro. Do you race?" Sorry no photos of either. Today we were finishing up a job at this really nice estate and today there was a different car in the garage. Previously there was a Honda Civic Si, the new one with 350hp. Very nice but today there was a Dodge Viper ACR!
  10. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    I'm in! No preference on class, I have BF400 and Trophy Truck so ready for either.
  11. PretendWereDead

    Hi PWD, welcome to the site.
  12. Hello!

    Welcome Golden! Looks like you're a new player. You will level up fast in this crew and get plenty of help to make money and rank.
  13. Thanks for organizing this Lann. It was fun and a good change of pace.
  14. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    My first online multiplayer was GTA 4. I played it just as an afterthought after playing the story several times through and multiple times through TLAD and TBOGT. It didn't hold my interest and seemed like people just killing each other over and over at the airport. I tried multiplayer deathmatches in Uncharted and that seemed pointless too. I tried online racing in Dirt 2 but it was full of people wall riding in the rallycross races. I tried Red Dead Redemption multiplayer but didn't give it a chance really. It was clear the direction video games were going towards online multiplayer and I was excited for GTA 5 story mode but I knew if I wanted to get the most out of it I would need to finally embrace multiplayer. At first I played with a co-worker and some of his friends and it was the most fun I'd had gaming in a long time. He was unreliable and so were his friends so I only played a handful of hours with them. Rockstar had created the Social Club and the crew system, I had read on GTAF people talking about being in good, active crews so I started looking for one and found this one. Now I'm hooked on multiplayer as long as I'm doing it with like-minded folk who are in it to have fun.

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