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  1. TNT (Dodge)

    I'm gonna try to pick some silly and fun races for this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. TNT (Dodge)

    May Schedule May 3 - Happy Birthday @JustHatched May 10 - IROC: Benefactor Feltzer May 17 - Bombers N Bangers May 24 - Karin Dilettante May 31 - RON'S Off Road Racing Karin The company is most likely based on the real-life manufacturer Toyota since most Karin cars are inspired by Toyota models. The Sultan RS and Korean Mob Sultan, including the original Sultan, are similar in design to modified Subarus, as well as taking inspiration from the Toyota Altezza/Lexus IS300, and the Intruder is based on an Infiniti model, though it has design cues from the Toyota MarkII and the Lexus LS430 (third gen). The Kuruma is based on Mitsubishi and Subaru models, with little resemblance to a Toyota model. Dilettante "The best hybrid in its class. Includes a nifty dashboard screen with animations showing you how much gas you are saving, while completely ignoring the thousand pounds of toxic batteries on board. Go green!"―Southern San Andreas Super Autos description. The Karin Dilettante is a hybrid electric four-door liftback featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. "Bad plus good equals better for everyone. Chicks love electric gadgets." ―Slogan for the Dilettante The Dilettante is a compact four-door liftback that is largely based on the second generation Toyota Prius sold between 2003-2009 in Japan and 2000-2003 in European and American markets. However, it has headlights from a Citroën C4, and a body shape that is more similar to the Honda Insight, with its lower roofline over the rear seat area. The taillights are very similar to that of the 2003 Buick Rendezvous. The vehicle itself has a large windscreen which is at a similar angle as the hood. The styling is very uniform, with many straight lines flowing throughout the body of the car, uninterrupted. However, the flared wheel arches are very exaggerated which give the car depth. The Dilettante is powered by an electric motor at under 40 mph (64 km/h), then an internal combustion engine for most of the time with a CVT as standard. The car in GTA V is noticeably quicker than that found in GTA IV. The car is more manageable than the BollokanPrairie, especially when turning at low to moderate speeds. The car s combustion engine is also noticeable in terms of sound, with a unique, roary tone, alongside its single speed (CVT) gearbox. It has considerably weak bodywork, as even low speed crashes can result in major body deformation. It is also severely affected by bullets. As per the majority of vehicles transitioning from GTA IV to GTA V, is noticeably more rigid in GTA V than its GTA IV counterpart. Yep, we are racing custom Dilettante's. Good Luck!
  3. Post Pics of your new shit

    A little late to the Flash GT party, but here it is The Liqour Hole Vapid Flash GT:
  4. ps4 XDBX Cross

    Updated and open to all classes.
  5. ps4 Circuit de Piswasser HD

    Remade the elevated section. Smoothed out some sketchy areas. Races faster now.
  6. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    @omarcomin71, there is a 3rd person view. I have some videos on the site with cinematic and 3rd person views.
  7. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Lost the car on stage 5. I had no patience during this. I probably shouldn't have run it.
  8. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Finished stage 3 with 3 flats.
  9. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Been a tough week. I won't get this one done.
  10. (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    What's the plan for tonight?
  11. UnVetted member

  12. Spinntires: Mudrunners

    Just got this. Gonna try it this weekend.
  13. Star Trek Bridge Crew

    Gameplay is a bit clunky. But I've done the training mission so far.
  14. The official funny pic thread

    Scrolling through this thread and see posts of broken links. But came across this beauty, and had to repost it. Enjoy.

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