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  1. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    Oct 5 - IROC: Vapid Retinue Oct 12 - Futo Rally Oct 19 - 4X4 Adventures Oct 26 - Happy Halloween 4x4 Adventures Off-roading is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain. Types of off-roading range in intensity, from leisure drives with unmodified vehicles to competitions with customized vehicles and professional drivers. Off-roaders have been met with criticism for the environmental damage incurred by their vehicles. There have also been extensive debates over the role of government in regulating the sport, including a Supreme Court case brought against the Bureau of Land Management. Dune bashing - A Large sport utility vehicle such as the Toyota Land Cruiser is an example of vehicle used (however, light weight vehicles often fare better in the extremely soft sand found on sand dunes). Vehicles driven on dunes may be equipped with a roll cage in case of an overturn; Similar to auto-racing, experience and skill is required to maneuver the car and prevent accidents. Before entering the desert in an everyday-use SUV or pickup, it is essential to reduce the tire pressure. This is done to gain more traction by increasing the footprint of the tire and, therefore, reducing the ground pressure of the vehicle on the sand as there is a greater surface area (much like a person wearing snowshoes can walk on a soft surface without sinking, but a person without them cannot). For example, tires with a recommended pressure of 35 psi would be reduced to approximately 12-14 psi. A common modification is to fit beadlock rims, which allow tire pressure to be lowered even further, without risking tire and rim separation. Upon entering the desert, it is common to meet with a pack of vehicles and a group leader before proceeding. The group leader then leads the pack through the stunts in single file. The main reason for this technique is to prevent vehicles from losing track of direction and getting lost. Desert racing - High speed racing in the open desert includes chases and racing on a rough desert terrain with numerous pots and bumps at the maximum speed. Drivers mostly use RWD and 4WD trucks with long travel suspension, wide stance on the front and large tires (typically 33”- 39”) which allows to maintain optimal stability at the high speed. This type of trucks is often called Prerunner. Cross-country - Unlike stationary dune bashing that tends to revolve around a single star dune or one obstacle, cross-country off-roading is an activity that lasts several days on routes with desert or other terrains. Routes in Africa generally have obstacles in largely uninhabited and uncharted terrain.[citation needed] These circuit routes are over 50 km and usually around 300 km long Raid - This is a type of travel undertaken with a 4x4 that mostly goes over tracks and contains some bits of off-roading. Traditionally these trips are going through relatively uninhabited areas. Popular are the deserts in Tunisia, Morocco and other North African countries, continent crossing trips through Africa, trips through Mongolia or Northern Scandinavia. Typical modifications to vehicles for this kind of travel are the addition of extra fuel tanks, roof rack tents, and elaborate storage systems in the back for food, water/drinking, spare parts, tools and other cargo. Due to the extra weight the suspension is often reinforced with stronger springs, shock absorbers etc.. Green laning - Green laning (or two-tracking) is a leisure pursuit, generally suitable for any four-wheel-drive vehicle, even those without modifications or additional equipment. The term green lane refers to the fact that the routes are predominantly along unsurfaced tracks, forest tracks, or older roadways that may have fallen into disuse. In the UK they are usually roads which are not maintained in any way and will often include fords. Mudding - Mudding is off-roading through an area of wet mud or clay. The goal is to drive through as far as possible without becoming stuck. There are many types of tires that are recommended for this activity. Some tires are balloon tires, mud-terrain tires and paddle tires. This activity is very popular in the United States, although it is illegal on public land due to the environmental impact. Rock crawling - Rock crawling is a category of off-roading. Vehicles used for rock crawling are usually modified with different tires, suspension components that allow greater axle articulation, and changes in the differential gear ratio in order to obtain characteristics suitable for low speed operation for traversing obstacles. It is common for a rock crawler to have a "spotter", who is an assistant on foot by the vehicle to provide information to the driver about the areas out of sight to the driver. Rock racing - Rock Racing is very similar to rock crawling in the fact that the vehicles are driven over rocks, the difference is that there are no penalties for hitting cones, backing up or winching as is done in rock crawling. Rock racing also involves a degree of high-speed racing not seen in typical rock crawling. Anything that is 4x4 is allowed from the Off Road Class. No bikes, and No buggies. Some we may only use Sand Kings and Insurgents. Some may be Monster Trucks. Some will be open to your imagination.
  2. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    I think it needs a substitute Host. And I can think of noone better than @pete_95973 to host this tonight. Once the STO management stuff is settled, hopefully there will be enough time to join up late.
  3. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Full Stream of the Polishing of the Turds!
  4. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    Not so hot. Blue - 1:34.862 Red - 1:35.763
  5. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    Full Stream Got some really nice drifts in here. Ans some really bad wrecks too.
  6. ps4 Over Under

    It's so hard to alter a "Classic" like this one, but it got minor changes. Secondary CP's, a few props substitutions, and cars.
  7. ps4 Copenhagen Ring

    Yet another turd polished.
  8. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    I'm not sure even I could do 12X Scouring 8. Thats just crazy talk.
  9. ps4 Circuit de Piswasser HD

    Got the issues ironed out. This is ready to play!
  10. ps4 Sprunk Rally

    Got 1 little issue to iron out, but this is playable.
  11. Scouring the Projects 8

    Got the issues ironed out. This is ready to play!
  12. ps4 Air Pressure

    Got the issues ironed out. This is ready to play! These have been removed.
  13. ps4 Air Pressure

    Fixed some areas after the last update that I saw on @Con video.

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