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  1. The guessing game

    Lol yeah. Pic heavy thread didn't load properly. Big fail.
  2. The guessing game

    Never mind.
  3. Hello, yet again.

    Welcome, good to have you back. I knew the defectors would falter
  4. ps4 DiRT Rally

  5. ps4 DiRT Rally

    Custom championship is random stages deliberately so players can't earn credits on their favourite stages. Probably have to use time trial or the equivalent.
  6. More chaos and war shit, looks like another update that I'll avoid. Missions and co-op gameplay is fun, but the heavy weaponry doesn't interest me in the slightest.
  7. Shoutbox

    I don't use mobile phones, they're a waste of money, 500 quid just for people to call me
  8. Spinntires: Mudrunners

    A friend of mine has it, he's American, possibly download only?
  9. Spinntires: Mudrunners

    Getting it in the next few days. Waited for reduction, but it's not happening. Hopefully I can play with my wheel, heard some wheels work despite them not being officially supported yet.
  10. The guessing game

    Nice, was gonna say Yugo. My friends dad had one was I was in school, it couldn't go up any hills, took a lot of stick for that car
  11. The guessing game

    That's true, noticeable differences for sure.
  12. The guessing game

  13. The guessing game

  14. The guessing game

    Lexus LFA?
  15. You joining as well @Lann?

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