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  1. OK, so many vehicles can't be modified, then everyone gets stock? If that's the case, it narrows the list down a bit.
  2. Can you modify a Mallard and Seashark?
  3. Not a scam, it's a choice. I'm not gonna buy customs for any vehicle unless it's good for normal racing, wanted new cars as well. Things naturally get more expensive in many games which are replaced every year, but GTAO has been out a lot longer, so therefore prices are much more inflated. In these yearly games, try to start playing online after about 6 months and you'll see that GTAO is actually quite easy on new players. When I started, I had to unlock everything, couldn't just go and buy a carbine and a homing launcher, nope, I had a pistol and freemode was full of tanks. Nobody was giving away race wins, absolutely not, I had to win them the hard and dirty way. There were no businesses to run solo in passive lobbies, so everything needed unlocking to be able to compete, or get my ass kicked. I couldn't afford all the best stuff, the grind was huge, 4 years in fact. Yet people late to the game complain about things being expensive when they're making millions a day while sat in safe lobbies. You guys don't know how easy you have it Another thing that irks me is people complaining about the developer or publisher while playing the game for years and using forums dedicated to it. Just stop if it's that bad. I don't play any 2K games, and for that reason you won't find me on a forum dedicated to their games. People love to hate R*, but they're one of the very best, free updates for 4 years is just one example.
  4. I'm absolutely lost. No idea how this works.
  5. Would I need all of those? What's a Faggio Sport gonna be used for?
  6. Christmas

    Despite living my life like a child, I dislike Christmas. I'm not religious in any way, so I don't buy into the hype like others do. Of course I still buy presents for the Mrs and children in my family, but a bible story doesn't really justify spending hundreds of pounds on stuff when I'd buy it regardless, but whatever I guess. It's too much hassle just for 1 day, it's no different to any other day. I don't want anything, already have everything I want. I rate Christmas after Good Friday and just ahead of Ash Wednesday And yeah, I'm fun at parties
  7. Gran Turismo Sport

    A few people here have pCARS2 and I haven't raced with them, despite offering to. 20 people here could have GT Sport, and they still wouldn't wanna race with me I'll be getting it, not sure how much time I'll spend on there, but I'd be up for a few races.
  8. Project CARS 2

    6.6GB patch is out. Hope the shit things got fixed.
  9. My bad, for some reason I thought they held 16 players. 8 on each team should be a riot, count me in.
  10. If it's 3 crews, will it be 5 vs 5 vs 5? Kinda need even numbers to team up in vehicles.
  11. For all aircraft? I have the race handling, but I find it too sensitive, much prefer something nearer the predictable handling of the older aircraft such as Lazer and Hydra.
  12. Personal best. Cheers, can't fly the Howard, will buy the other one for racing.
  13. Higher lap count to increase chance of at least a PB? What's fastest for jet and plane?
  14. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    Yeah, they were poor. If Slovenia had a bit more quality, they could have really punished them. England always look as though they can't be bothered, but the same players have great games for their clubs.
  15. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    I waited a long time for that Kane goal. Had money on Kane to score anytime and England to win. Sorry

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