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  1. ps4

    Italy 2 - 2 Germany Beradi. Ozil El Shaarawy. Sane. Good game, found it tough to break down his defence and most of my 20 shots didn't really trouble his keeper. Was messing with tactics for a few games before this one (addict), so I didn't have my team set the way I would like, but it was fun.
  2. ps4

    Kill Quota VI if possible. Thanks.
  3. ps4

    @rspain Let me know what day and time works best for you, I have odd gaming hours and can work around most things. Cheers.
  4. ps4

    OK for me.
  5. How bad is the shortcut?
  6. ps4

    Has everyone played? When is the next round of matches?
  7. Well done. That car doesn't get any easier to race.
  8. Could be description issue. A way to find out would be to try and re-publish the affected jobs.
  9. He got me 3 or 4 times in the same way during that PL, so annoying, had to fight the urge to seek revenge
  10. Not sure I can add anything, played racing games/sims and watched motorsports for nearly 20 years, like most stuff, practice makes perfect. I bet many people in the crew have only done racing in GTAO, so they're learning all the time. What Potato says is good info, trust and anticipation is massive in racing, aside from that, build up your racing experience (not just going fast around a track) and you'll improve.
  11. Cool, lots of new TDM's is a blessing, haven't seen many new maps. I hope to see either Humane Labs or NOOSE building (or both), can't recall any crew created TDM's there Won't make anything (still have an unfinished TDM from about 2 years ago), but will play the event.
  12. After flying to LSIA, can I steal a chopper from there, or must it be from a listed helipad?
  13. Is there a PL or job that we can all test?
  14. ps4

    There will be lag when Aussies play people from Europe or America. I'd be very surprised if any of those matches had more than 1 bar on the connection. It's normal, and I have the download too.