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  1. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Cheers! That turn got me a few times during practices, hard to keep in despite the warning from the navigator .
  2. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Finished my stages, getting my pace back, enjoyed it too. Few minor mistakes, no damage, but a victory is up for grabs with clean and reasonably quick stages. If I could change anything, it would be the duplicate stages. It's a small thing, but I feel it's unnecessary as some of the longer stages are made up of 2 sprints or sections of sprints.
  3. I'll have some of this, don't think I've attended before.
  4. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Croeso i Gymru. Peidiwch â thorri. Welcome to Wales. Don't cut.
  5. Thoughts about h2h/league for RDR2

    Gambling is in poker games already.
  6. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Cheers! I have to play with headset on max to concentrate on pace notes, my wheel makes a bit of noise on landing jumps as well as gear changes. Good rally, looking forward to the next.
  7. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Finished! Had both warning lights on, but the car didn't wanna quit
  8. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Did 2 stages, jumps battered my car so lost some pace. Will finish tonight or tomorrow.
  9. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Finland is tough on the car, but fast.
  10. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Good rally. Finished 4.5s behind Ally. Bust my radiator after ignoring don't cut. Only ran a random stage to get the hang of it before running everything, but I remembered bits of the Greece stages. Way off my best times from a while ago, but good fun. Well done
  11. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    I'll do my stages tonight. Ends at 8AM tomorrow, right? Also agree with Proto, DiRT Rally is the better game by a long way. Currently on sale as well.
  12. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    I use manual, but not controller. Think I used to use X for gear up and square for gear down in older games. Not a bad layout when R2 and L2 are accelerator and brake.
  13. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Took a while to get into my account, but I should be joined now. I'll be busy when the first rally starts, but I will finish it on the 11th before the deadline. See you on the podium
  14. Pets, what do you have?

    4 years after my original post, still got the same pets. Won't have any more after those, too hard when they go.
  15. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Alright, cool. 2010's are my favourite. I'll take the Fiesta. Give me a shout when it's available to join.

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