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  1. Best Cars per Class (PS4)

    Sell and buy Pariah. It won't be changed.
  2. FIFA 18

    Yeah a lot of dumb shit happens, can be very frustrating.
  3. FIFA 18

    Awesome. It's a bit better now in terms of gameplay, in certain areas. Patch Tuesday for more fixes. I'll be on in an hour or so.
  4. FIFA 18

    Online friendlies in FUT anyone? Trying to get platinum, wanted this one out of the way.
  5. Hi there

    I remember the name. Welcome.
  6. Hunting Pack II: The Race

    Sounds fun.
  7. planning King of the KORTZ

    23:00 is best for me, can play uninterrupted.
  8. Rules don't sound the best.
  9. I'd be up for playing, but not the hassle of getting it set up.
  10. planning Darts Tourney?

    Count me in.
  11. ps4 Sunday Drive

    Possibly. Will know around start time.
  12. Mic maxed? That dude is clinically insane, someone lock him up. I use default +1 in GTA and lowest in pCARS. Different games have different levels. Something which really grinds my gears is the guys with mic on, chat to mic, game sound through TV Or even worse, all sounds through TV with mic on
  13. Sounds fun, I haven't done one of these before.
  14. Post Pics of your new shit

    Matter of time before it gets discounted, be patient.
  15. ps4 Rhino vs Kanjli

    Gotta charge railgun for more range, hold button down. Saw a comparison video, IIRC they have same range, Rhino is slower, less durable, but it can aim at a higher angle than Khanjali. Grenade launchers aren't unlimited.

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