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  1. Welcome. You get to explore 16.
  2. You can use any balance you like. Some areas are challenging and i don't want to limit your creativity.
  3. ps4

    How would you guys feel about moving this one hour later during the summer?
  4. Now how did i miss you had not picked a number, now you need to pick one.
  5. Here is the map and the areas. We have two weeks to get the jobs ready. Keep us all updated on how things are going!
  7. I think its always between 1000 and 2000?
  8. I better start robbing some upper class stores!
  9. Am i right in that 20 sec equals $100?
  10. 6:44 but not much money.
  11. Ok, will redo. So timer stops when you see how much you can deposit and we end recording after deposit is done. Sorry for all the questions, got it now
  12. So if I stopped my recording here its not valid?
  13. Calling a personal vehicle or pegasus before entering Zancudo and place them strategicly is not allowed i guess? I only open the bank website, i hope thats enough? Dont want to deposit. Your cash show as soon as you open the phone.
  14. I have $4366 and 6:50 so far as my best run.