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  1. until
    XDBX vs 187X 12 vs 12 Mixed TDM, LTS, Capture and races Each crew pick 5 jobs. (at least one TDM, LTS and Race each) Saturday June 2nd 23:00 UTC
  2. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    Still need to figure out how to do things in the game.
  3. Season 3

    About the behaviour in the psn chat for the team leaders last night: Clarification on rules and expectations: This chat is still to be used carefully by the team leaders(s) of the crews. No matter if you got it on your phone or ps4 only, it’s not to be abused. It is to be used for publishing playlists, results, contacting opponents, invite to practice, reports results, link to live streams, or to congratulate. We play a videogame together. It is to be fun, friendly, competitive and respectful. If you cant handle that you will be asked to leave the league. We play a mix of jobs and job settings. As a host your responsible to pay attention and use those settings. If you cant handle that, ask your opponents to host. If you are a team leader or crew leader you will need to use your position to make sure your crew understands why all this is important. If anything like this happen again we will replace the crews involved. If we cant find a good replacement we will reduce the number of crews by two and carry on. We are all very different, but we all need to be respectful and responsible to keep it fun! Any issues, just send me a pm!
  4. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Congrats @Potato, well done!
  5. Season 3

    Yes, i noticed the LTS had a 6 minimum, and Beachfront a 4. We will try and avoid that in future rounds. Nice finish on the capture!
  6. Since i did not play the first game, what type of structures can we expect from this game? Crews, crew vs crew, any other aspects/things than shooting? I know we cant be sure, but what was in place for the first game?
  7. Yes! Exactly what i need! Pairs or solo?
  8. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Id say any ammo is fine to use.
  9. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    I was hoping to see more videos of different routes, would be fun.
  10. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Finally a video?
  11. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Did you jump/fall off the cliff landing in the water instead of on the pier at the end?
  12. Big number, congrats!!

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