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  1. Suggest/Request a Job

    Thanks, I beleive we did that race on motorcycles in season 2. Much appreciated.
  2. We are working on gathering the jobs for the third season. Our estimate is that we are looking at finding about: 10 street races (for commonly used vehicles) 10 other types of races (Air, Water, Off road, Stunty stunt, Motorcycle, Bikes, Parachute..) 10 TDM (Forced and Pickups) 5 LTS (Balanced*) 5 Captures (Balanced*) 20 Adversary mode jobs (Balanced*) *Balanced = Fair so it does not matter what team/side you start on. All should be working well with 8 players. Without a promises of using any suggested jobs we would like to open up for suggestions/requests! Leave a link to the job on Rockstar Social Club and let us know why its a good job and if its a race prefered vehicle class.
  3. ps4 Rogers Crap

    I did not enjoy the Marksman rifle at all when we played in Two Bros last night. I like the map so i dont want to delete it. I have changed it to Assault SMG only.
  4. Season 3

  5. Season 3

    Welcome! It is a fun, relaxed yet very competitive league. Great to have you guys joining!
  6. Season 3

    We had eight crew signing up yesterday and we only have 2 or potentially 4 spots left for season 3 of Clash of the Crews. It require you to have 4 players in a battle every other week and will include almost every game mode gta offers. Let me know if you want in!
  7. Season 3

    Thats clear enough, really happy to see you guys back in!
  8. Season 3

    Welcome VANS! Happy to let everyone know we now have eight crews claiming a spot!
  9. ps4 Crew Challenge 147

    I use a twitter acct set to private to upload screens to the web. Damn thats a good time!
  10. Season 3

    Welcome, good to have you!
  11. Lucky

    Lucky, but still a good feeling!
  12. Sign up

    Cleaned up the thread from season 1 and 2.
  13. Hi, I’m Dustin

  14. Season 3

    Invitation to Clash of the Crews - Season III A GTA Online league for crews. Every round your crew will play against another crew in a playlist. Each round consist of two weeks and all crew battles in a round will use the same playlist. Each round will feature a new playlist that will be presented on the first Monday of each round. Each crew enters 3-4 or 4-5 players depening the round. The jobs/playlist will be limited to either 8 or 10 players.* All playlists consist of 2 races (non-contact) and 4 combat type jobs. There will be a mix of land, air, sea and stunt races. The combat jobs used will alter each round as classic TDM, LTS and Captures don’t mix well with the Adversary modes. A crews score from each round is made up of the sum of the jobs won. (Race winner determined by the sum of each crews in game points.) During a season all crews play each other once before we head into the playoffs. News for Season 3: Scores only kept for number of jobs won, no individual player points kept. The playlist is reduced from 8 to 6 jobs. The number of players needed from each crew is reduced to 3-5. It can be different players each round.* This opens up for the possibility to play with uneven number of players (like 3 vs 4).* This opens up for variety in job selection, rounds can be limited to different number of players (we will use 8 and 10 player jobs).* This opens up for new modes to be used, like Sumo and Overwatch Rumble for example. No default time is set for the battles, so both crews will need to put in the effort to agree on a time to play during the two weeks period. *This is a change made to make it easier for smaller crew to enter the league and to make it less stressfull for all the crew leaders gathering their team. (PS4 and AutoAim) SIGN UP YOUR CREW! SIGN UP THREAD
  15. Already went through and picked alot from your 17/18 playlists. Thanks

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