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  1. Assassin’s Creed Origins

    Thanks, will check that out when I get the time. Might buy the season pass after all. Thought the next DLC would be the same price as the Hidden Ones which was 1/4 the price of a season pass (couldn't care less about clothes, weapon and mount packs), but with it being bigger in area and content I'm sure the price will be the same.
  2. Assassin’s Creed Origins

    @Danielle @zztop911 Have you played The Hidden Ones and if so, is it worth the money?
  3. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    Me neither! Gonna be EPIC!!!
  4. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    Thanks, mate! And don't worry, I won't catch up anytime soon, maybe not at all. You got quite the lead. Not surprised about Shotgun Wedding. That's probably the one I encounter as a normal deathmatch most often.
  5. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    Well, I'm trying. But it's going a bit slow since most host TDM's and I lack the patient to host myself.
  6. Free Weekend

  7. No idea. Thought it was because they didn't wanted to deal with pick-ups and running out of ammo, but didn't know about the upgraded rifles. I just know that they will break the no explosive rule as soon as they are losing.
  8. Didn't think he was talking about this Saturday. I can play but with those rules I'll pass.
  9. If no one is interesting in taking the lead, I'll get in contact with him and try to arrange it for another Saturday.
  10. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    Would have been 1 point in front if it hadn't been for my own team mates. Not cool!
  11. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    Think they can do it. But they will have to be on for all 90 min. Like last year against Barca they were completely lost towards the end.
  12. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    Yeah. Will have to be attack, attack, attack in the next leg. Always good with an away goal, though.
  13. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    So do I. With a passion. PSG will smash them in Paris.

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