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  1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees

    LL Cool J!
  2. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    At the moment, we are as the dependent on him as Barca with Messi. True. And it doesn't help that Alli and Kane are English. They take all the headlines. Plus Eriksen isn't named Eriksinho.
  3. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    We are extremely close to a playoff spot. Looked shit 4 matches ago but after winning them all, we actually have the chance to take 1st place on the last match day. Though Poland would have to lose home against Montenegro without Jovetić. Not gonna happen. Just hoping we can avoid Italy and Portugal in the playoff and Eriksen continues to deliver. 7 goals in the last 9 international fixtures.
  4. It's happening...

    Please be spring soon.
  5. It's happening...

    Luckily for me, I don't aim for the body. I couldn't agree more with Lime and Ally. Red Dead Redemption is hands down my favorite game of all time. Lime explained the story mode perfectly. I played online quite a bit. While it didn't offer as much as GTAO (obviously since the game is older) there was still a good amount of content and R* continued to support it with events for a long time. As much as I'm looking forward to another epic western story, the online part is what gets me really excited. Rode around on my own in the last game and it was awesome! So I can't even imagine how spectacular it will be in the next one with this crew.
  6. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    Too late for me.
  7. Slay says Gday

    Welcome to the crew! It was good to game with you in the H2H, even though we were up against The Untouchables.
  8. Request to join DB

    Velkommen til!
  9. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    Lord of Lords!
  10. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    England... always grabbing the 1st spot only to be sent out of the actually championship in some embarrassing way. And I know the feeling of having a useless manager. We have an absolutely clueless Norwegian in charge at the moment.
  11. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    Poland visiting Denmark tonight. We are in serious need of the 3 points. They might have two top strikers in Milik and Lewandowski, but we have this guy back on the team!
  12. ps4 Smugglers Run

  13. Do you like your current residence?

    It's fine where I live, though I will be moving sometime in the next few months. It's a small student apartment and since I haven't been a student since November, it's time to find something new (and bigger). The small ass kitchen in the living room is driving me insane at this point. I'm hoping to find a place in the same area which is just a few minutes walk from the city centre. Hopefully it will be with neighbors as quiet as my current ones. Almost never hear any of them. I'm probably the noisy fucker in the building.

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