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  1. Sounds good. Thanks, Lime. Now I will just have to wait for Skyrim and hope I come across a good deal on the VR in the meantime.
  2. I've a few questions for our seasoned VR players like @LimeGreenLegend and @grjkie. So since Skyrim is coming to VR which I'd love to experience, I'm considering getting me one. My questions are: what are you guys running it on; PS4 or Pro? And do you know if there's any noticeable difference between the two? Also, does the headset come with sound or will I need another one for that? Am currently using the PS4 bluetooth one since my main one broke. Not exactly ideal for a VR experience. Last question, do I need to buy those adult toy looking thingies or is a controller enough?
  3. It's the return... of one of the fastest rappers alive (who can actually make music that sounds good).
  4. I like the idea, but think it should remain sports. Any vehicle would just mean whatever the fastest super car is. More fun to stick with the original set-up and see how low we can push it. Ultimately, I think it should be up to Fido. It's his title to lose now.
  5. So I'm the prince and Snacks is the queen?
  6. Spectacular, Fido! Knew sub 30 was possible but didn't see a low 29 coming. Would have liked to give you more of a fight, but time wasn't on my side. But with a lap like that it's save to say that you have definitely earned back the throne. Also very nice! But damn, now I'm not even the lord of the projects. I'm just some guy on the projects.
  7. Banksie was already well asleep. Can feel my crown slipping away from me.
  8. Don't be a loner. Play with the people. But not Scouring. Too mean.
  9. The lap: Re-watching it confirms that going below 30 is indeed possible. Very poor start where I at the CP 27 seconds in have been 1 second faster on other laps, plus a few slowish places here and there including a nosedive onto the bridge and a small "got wood" moment at the end.
  10. Couldn't sleep, so beat the record for a standing lap. 2:30.887 to be precise. Below 30 is definitely possible. Doubt I will get the chance, though, so it's up to the French Jedi. But please don't.
  11. 2:32.956 in the Massacro RC. 2:32.122
  12. Got a 2:35. Not anywhere near Fido's time from week 22 or even the one this week, but it's a huge improvement on my personal best from week 22 which was 2:38. Seriously, though, I'm afraid I won't be able to get proper into it, since Tuesday is the only day I have off before it ends. Which sucks.
  13. Some highlights from the first few times in the park with my slasher on 2K17.
  14. Who's the Queen? DJ forgot to mention it, but as a new rule it's now mandatory for the creator of the featured track to get involved.
  15. We're moving onto a very sensitive topic now. Whether it should be, I don't really think so, but it is. So let's not turn this into religion bashing, but keep it for remembering the victims of these horrible actions.