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  1. Season 2

    Con-lag-tulations GTAF!
  2. Christmas

    Hmm, I must get my hands on that Julmust stuff, it's promising. Probably best to look for it in an IKEA shop in December (according to Wikipedia), though it's extra hectic in those shops before holidays, unless you visit it on a Tuesday morning or something, so not sure I'm gonna be doing that. I'll try to remember to ask someone to look for it and buy it for me.
  3. What did you do today?

    You're welcome! I obviously need to cancel another PL so you can clean up as well.
  4. Christmas

    Only Christmassy thing I tolerate is Fairytale of New York by the Pogues. Presents are nice too, but not the pressure of getting them for others. Extra yummy food is always good though, but I don't need Christmas to have that. Absolutely can't stand all the hype and everything being so damn cheery/sugary/nice... especially all the cheesy music on the radio. We should get together in an Irish pub and drink ourselves to oblivion @Squirrel, then sleep it off until January.
  5. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    My participation scores: Left/blue: 1:35.063 Right/red: 1:34.027 I'll admit it was a half assed effort of 5 laps each, doubt I'll have another chance.
  6. Thursday Racing League (ZMURKO)

    TRL's schedule is going to be distrupted a little more over the next few weeks, as I start a course in German (need to refresh my german, as I haven't really used it for the last 20+ years). 12.10 - NO PL 19.10 - PL hosted by me 26.10 - NO PL Not sure yet about 2.11.
  7. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    That place will probably go to a team from group D (Wales/Ireland) or H (Bosnia/Greece), though it will be a close one even if you win. I'm fully expecting a 0:0 on Scotland:Slovenia match and around 50.000 l of beer drank by Scottish fans in upcoming days in Ljubljana. They're usually top class, as its mostly "older" and "civilized" crowd. Probably best away fans in the world.
  8. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    Well done with the bet! I'm just a bit salty, as I dont think England really deserved to win to be honest. With all the talent they have and all of them playing top level football in Premiere league, they look really mediocre. And I swear they have a different manager every time I see them.
  9. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    94th minute goal pretty much ruined all hopes for us making the playoffs. There's still a theoretical chance, but we would have to beat Scotland and Slovakia would need to draw or lose against Malta. Probability of that is about the same as for example someone like Greece or Denmark winning the Euro championship... oh wait... Nah, I hope Scotland wins and makes the playoffs. We'll just join other football super powers not making it to the WC, like Argentina.
  10. Thursday Racing League (ZMURKO)

    I'll most likely have to cancel this for tomorrow, as I'll probably be out of town since morning.
  11. Crew Challenge 136 – Speedy Assassins

    Who are you and what have you done with no_snacks??! P.S. @no_snacks, blink once if you're OK, blink twice if you're in trouble.
  12. Game of Thrones **Spoilers**

    Finally binged through entire season 7 in 2 days. Wow, this was a fast one. No stretched out bullshit, just action from the start. Not even few minutes of the season in and there was a room full of dead Freys and it kept going until the wall was down... Now we're probably going to wait for season 8 for a very very long time. Few impression from the season: Dragons! They burn armies, get petted, get shot, get killed and the blue eyed one joins the army of dead. Celebrity sex tapes galore! Missandei and Worm get it on, Cersei and Jaime make another baby and even Dani and her nephew do it! Little finger gets played at his own game. Dani looked the hottes out of all season! Grrrrr... And just imagine group sex with those Sand Snakes, Obara, Nymeria and Tyene. I just can't get them out of my head and I'd let them whip me.
  13. It's happening...

    €69.99 for pre-ordering it on R* Warehouse!
  14. It's happening...

  15. Thursday Racing League (ZMURKO)

    This is on for tomorrow morning, as long as there's at least one more RSVP of course.

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