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  1. What did you do today?

    Did you put some Aberdeen Angus beef on that fire? Hopefully no Heilan' Coo were hurt while camping, they're too cute to be eaten.
  2. Crew Challenge 133 – Racing Cheetahs

    I'll do my best to take part, got both cars, but would probably prefer to use the Cheetah Classic.
  3. planning WCC Racing

    Friday and Saturday nights (US time) are a no go for me, as that means weekend mornings for me. I will most likely only be able to play during the week, so that's Sunday-Thursday nights for west coast.
  4. Head over there and see if it suits you.
  5. West Coast Customs Racing What is it? A regular random non-contact, custom tracks, custom cars, mixed classes racing PL, opened and launched from a public session. When? Suited for members from west coast (hence the name), early euro birds, aussies with nothing to do on an afternoon or even night owls from the rest of the US/Canada. At the moment planned during the week, on Mondays (Sunday night for US), Wednesdays (Tuesday night for US) and Fridays (Thursday night for US), starting in September. Specific days of the week and frequency are subject to change when we get closer to September. Planned start time: 6 AM GMT It'll hopefully be when I'll finally be able to play regularly again, so I'm just gauging interest to see if it's worth putting it on the calendar and comitting myself to hosting. Otherwise it'll be more random and of a more impromptu nature. If interest is big enough, I might even host a more organized championship style racing.
  6. What did you do today?

    Ouch! How did you manage that?! Are you a lefty? @Crawford1872, now that's a proper mountain, yeah! Nice one!
  7. Vote for Snapmatic Photo Jun-Aug

    Whoever took the Foggy hills needs to clean his lenses, photo is full of dirt particles.
  8. What did you do today?

    Went for lunch up in the mountains. That's a sauerkraut/beans stew with a smoked sausage (on the right), Žganci with cracklings (made from buckwheat flour) and soured milk made from fresh local cows (similar to yoghurt, just different bacterias used I think). Some more photos:
  9. XDBX Snapmatic Contest is back for June

    Just adding this then (can't decide which one of already posted should I replace it with though)
  10. What did you do today?

    Gorgeous. Didnt picture you as a hiker though. I'm going on a short hike tomorrow as well, nothing big, but there should be some good views, especially since the sky will be crisply washed from todays weather. I'll have the camera with me and I'll show you mountains.
  11. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    Uhmm, does PSG have direct unlimited access to Qatar's national budget or something? Now it looks like they'll throw 180mil for an 18 year old player and probably another 100mil for slovenian national keeper from Atletico, Oblak. How does PSG even make that kind of money? I'm 100% sure their TV rights are nowhere near the money Premier league, La Liga or Bundesliga clubs get, and even if they win Champions League, that's "only" around 50mil, even if they sell 100.000 jerseys at 100 € and keep all the money, that's just 10mil... ... just absurd... I hope UEFA puts a stop to this nonsense with their investigation.
  12. Crew Challenge 131 - Attack of the Gangs

    You were only missing a race win against DC, Fido, Ally and your day would be perfect!
  13. Hello

    welcome to XDBX
  14. Crew Challenge 132 - Besranomics

    First lap is faster because you already start moving during the countdown timer and time starts running when you're already away from the starting grid, so the lap is essentially shorter.
  15. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    How about the most ridiculous football news this summer ... disgustingly large sum for Neymar. They've finally really lost their minds. I know they usually pay as much as they think the player is worth to them commercially too, but there's nobody who can convince me they're going to get that money back... And now Barca is screwed too, because everyone knows they're loaded with cash atm and are setting high prices for players Barca is interested in. And it all takes off as an avalanche, ... couple of years and you wont be able to buy an average defender for less than 50-100 mil. I really hope they run out of oil soon in the middle east and those Sheiks don't have infinite money to throw into their clubs and stop treating european leagues as their personal fantasy leagues, as that's how it looks like atm...

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