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  1. ps4

    Awww, poor guy can't get home to his PS4, too drunk to climb.
  2. ps4

    Yeah, when it happens by mistake it's usually slower anyway.
  3. ps4

    This does happen to everyone, I just make sure I don't take advantage of it and overtake someone when getting a massive speed boost from it. I'll often release a throttle slightly to stay at the same speed as the car in front, as it wouldnt be fair to gain a place by (techically) breaking the rules. And also that I don't deliberately do it every lap of course.
  4. ps4

    I also wonder if our host even survived Glastonbury, or is he still dead (drunk) in some ditch somewhere?
  5. ps4

    I could get a 1:10, but I'm pretty sure I would be DSQ and never allowed to race again. Though you really should be able to do 1:12s with no kerbs except putting 1 wheel on them on a few corner exits.
  6. ps4

    Still haven't managed a 1:11 time, stuck at low 1:12s, so I reckon I wont have the pace to keep up with the front packs. I've only mastered one or two sections, where I can try and get an overtake done or put pressure on the car in front. I think I'm struggling the most with the final long turn and possibly overbreaking on the 2nd hairpin. Aiming for consistency and a clean race and hopefully a top 10 result, though any points would be an OK result. See you all tonight!
  7. ps4

    Timer updated.
  8. I've been reminded that Truffade or Bugatti IRL is actually a french company? Why have I been living under an impression that Bugatti is an Italian company? So no Z-Type, Adders or Neros. @Mythaga What do you race with in Compacts class then? And not a single Italian super car?! That's just wrong!
  9. Details for next Sunday are in, it's pizza and gelatto time or in SRL terms: CORSE ITALIANE Similar to what we (you) did 3 weeks ago with the German themed racing night, we'll be using cars manufactured by Italian companies only on some Italian (themed) tracks. It'll be a mix of non-contact and contact racing with 1 or 2 staggered start races thrown in as well. So a little bit of tutti-frutti. Classes and cars allowed Compacts: Grotti Brioso R/A Coupes: Lampadati Felon (or Felon GT) Sports: Grotti Bestia GTS Grotti Carbonizzare Lampadati Furore GT Lampadati Tropos Rallyie Sports Classics: Lampadati Casco Lampadati Pigalle Grotti Stinger & Stinger GT Grotti Turismo Classic Pegassi Infernus Classic Pegassi Monroe Truffade Z-Type - and if any of the new sports classics are released next week, Grotti Cheetah Classic and Pegassi Torrero will also be allowed Supers: Grotti Cheetah Grotti Turismo R Grotti X80 Proto Pegassi Infernus Pegassi Osiris Pegassi Reaper Pegassi Tempesta Pegassi Vacca Pegassi Zentorno Truffade Adder Truffade Nero and Nero custom As you can tell, Italians specialize in making Supers and Sports (Classics), so it should be a fast one. Which company makes the best cars, Grotti, Lampadati or Pegassi? You do not need to have a custom car in every class (though it's recommended and you'll thank me when you buy one ). In case we have players without a (competitive) custom car in any of the planned races, we'll make sure race settings will allow everyone to use a suitable (and competitive) car. However I do recommend buying at least the Brioso and one of the sports cars. I also hope that everyone has at least one of the Italian super cars, if not go get one! I'll have 8 tracks picked in few days, so anyone can get familiar with them if they want to. Ci vediamo presto!
  10. ps4

    Always read the small print!
  11. ps4

    1:07, 1:08 on a really bad lap. Give or take 4-6 seconds.
  12. ps4

    CP issues I had, if you perhaps want to look into this CP. (just ignore Braldy's monologue )
  13. Results will just help me pick the right settings for the races, I don't plan on forcing anyone to buy anything this time. There are plenty of options to enable everyone to enjoy the races on the same level playing field, so nothing to worry about. For example if only a few have a certain car, there's an option for stock cars & non-contact mode, if only a few are missing it, there's an option of turning the race on contact mode (GTA) and spawn it for them, etc ... Last question is just to see if I can run a (non-contact) race with only those cars available. Again, if only a couple are missing a car from that selection, we can spawn them, otherwise I can run a staggered start race in Supers class, so those who have them can still race with them. Etc...
  14. Just a quick survey while I plan details for next SRL. If anyone even remotely thinking of joining us next Sunday, could please kindly answer these questions for me, I'd really appreciate it. 1. Do you own a Felon? If not, would you be able and willing to buy & upgrade one for the PL? 2. Do you own any of these cars and which ones: Furore GT, Tropos Rallye, Carbonizzare, Bestia GTS? 3. Do you own any of these cars and which ones: Cheetah, Vacca, Reaper, Infernus, Adder? Thank you!