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  1. Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Made this for my mom's birthday today:
  2. Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Thanks for bumping this Pete! 😁 I have finally joined the dark side and got myself a smart phone a month ago, and joined Instagram, so all my food porn (pretty much all homemade) is now being shared with the world. 😁 Last weekend's Asian theme (Japan & Vietnam) for example:
  3. What did you do today?

    Went to the park with my nieces to build a snowman and we had a visit from one of the forum members.
  4. XDBX Crew Awards 2017

    That's a bold statement!
  5. Intro of Dead-Demon

    Welcome back Demon!
  6. XDBX Crew Awards 2017

    Mine are only be relevant up until around June (for those awards related to gameplay and attending events). Crew Member of the Year: @Lann Most Friendly/Helpful Member: Best Events Organiser: @Mythaga Funniest Member: @Banketelli Most Likely to Balls Something Up: @Crawford1872 in any aircraft, and @Dodge obviously Most Entertaining on Mic: @Crawford1872, @LimeGreenLegend Most Wanted on Your Team in a DM: @Protocawl, @Crawford1872, @DavidCore89 Most Likely to Bet on in a Land Race: @Crawford1872, @Potato, @DavidCore89 Most Likely to Bet on in an Air Race: @kernalhogan, @no_snacks, @pete_95973 Most Creative Member: @Squirrel, @Lann Best Deathmatch: Darkzone - Davis DMZ, Springer, Container Yourself Best Race: The Square Ring, Goldcoast 600 Best Stunt Race: Montreal F1 Circuit, Silverston F1 Circuit, Tatavian Frozen Best Capture: Pacific Standard Capture, Dozer Game Best LTS: RPG Peek-a-boo Best Job Descriptions: @DeaD_GooN Snapmatic of the Year (Best Photographer): @Jesse Best Dressed: duuuh!, @LimeGreenLegend obviously Most Wanted Freeroam Buddy: @pete_95973 Best Kill: @Crawford1872's pistol whipping in CoTC: Funniest GTA Video: Best Car: Bestia GTS, Redwood Gauntlet, Cheetah Classic Best Motorcycle: Faggio Best Other Vehicle: MOC Most Improved Racer: @Con Most Improved Shooter:
  7. Favourite food you've eaten within a week

    Courses: - beef soup / consomme with ravioli (filled with carrots, beef and parsley) - butternut squash ravioli on sage butter (without sage, as somehow I forgot to buy it ) - pork roll filled with pesto made from spinach, pistachios, dried apricots, garlic and parmesan, on celery puree - raspberry cheescake made by my brother
  8. Favourite food you've eaten within a week

    Our family Christmas meal, made by myself (except for the raspberry cheescake):
  9. Winter Snapmatic Contest

    I don't need snow to take a winter pic. * Not entering the contest, as it was taken a while back during non-snowy days.
  10. Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Finally watched Hacksaw Ridge and I definitely recommend it. I wasn't quite sure what to expect (all I knew was that it's a WWII movie and that it has good ratings) and was pleasantly surprised. Based on a true story, it's about the first conscientious objectors to have won the Medal of Honor without firing a shot. Movie portrays his courage and heroics really well, so despite all the brutal scenes and all the killing, it's a heartwarming movie. Mel Gibson did a really good job (eventhough he's an asshole himself).
  11. Favourite food you've eaten within a week

    It's hard to believe that a vegan dish can be so yummy. An exception to the rule? A butternut squash and lentils chili.
  12. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    I guess my mind was writing checks my body couldnt cash last night. After a succesful treasure hunt it said I need sleep, sorry.
  13. ps4 Lime's Tip Touching Fridays

    I might honour you with my presence tonight.

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