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  1. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    8:23.028. You guys are fast!
  2. UnVetted member

    Hello visionz! Welcome to xdbx!
  3. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    https://imgur.com/gallery/yoAMHV9 https://imgur.com/gallery/dpzpNRX
  4. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    Just woke gotta warn ya though my shifting hand was bothering me this whole challenge... Ok im just kidding logging on now bare with me im hoping to do this correctly.
  5. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    I have 2 cars at 32.+ no videos though. I had to take a few days break. I kept crashing trying to shave time. I would say this track is pretty challenging to race in a sports? Every random i invite usually quits in the first few laps.
  6. ps4 Whacked Out Wednesdays (Multi-Host)

    Honestly probably a good move. Sound like a great playlist. Wish i didnt work so much during the week
  7. Instruments

    Nice. If you can practice and get the first position chords D, C, and G down. Theres hundreds of songs you can play. Power chords are fairly simple to learn. You may know but if you hold the 3rd fret on the E string and 5 frets on A and D below. Its a G chord. You can litreraly use that pattern all the way up and down the board. Also. Playing in drop D tuning. You can play the top three strings with one finger. Bands like soad, breaking Benjamin, avenged seven fold ect use that tuning alot. I been wanting to try rocksmith.
  8. Pets, what do you have?

    https://imgur.com/gallery/MF1uMfl https://imgur.com/gallery/k4zVt6I https://imgur.com/gallery/v2d0VAE https://imgur.com/gallery/7D0JvhY https://imgur.com/gallery/JO53DVL https://imgur.com/gallery/2JDoGvA https://imgur.com/gallery/6sSapTm
  9. Pets, what do you have?

    Id love to. Sadly it would take alot of money to get off the ground. I have intentions on breeding more cichlids but i need more tanks and aquiring high quality breeding pairs. It can be a waiting game. Theres really no money to be made unless they are rare. Like the flowerhorn. Breeders sell them online everyday from 100 to 600 dollars. And i have even seen the most rarefrom places like thailand go for a grand
  10. Pets, what do you have?

    We have a white american pitbull terrier named major. A ton of fish. Coy, goldfish, rosy reds, i breed green terror cichlids. Bala sharks, and a zz flowerhorn. Three turtles a hamster ms grizz. I call it el chapo because the little shit is an escape artist. and a ball python named lamia.
  11. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    This is Awesome!
  12. Instruments

    Yeah i know exactly what you mean. I have played in a band in the past. I used to play every day. All the callus are gone on my fingers and my hand gets tired more quickly Love playing the drums Thats awesome you can read music. Definately alot of energy and dedication to get great at instrument
  13. Instruments

    Yess Nice. Sweet. Man id love to pick up another intruments. I think id go for a chello
  14. Instruments

    Hey was just curious if any of you play and instrument? I play guitar and know basic chords on the guitar.
  15. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    Im in. I think i have four cars would be willing to buy another. Elergy, pariah, buffalo, and. A little iffy on schafter. In that order.

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