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  1. Love this medley / Cypher
  2. So I ran across the optoma gt1080 projector the specs and features are amazing. It's 1080p has low latency, 24 Hz to 120Hz and the Lumen is above 2500 the image quality is really crisp 100 inch display from just 4 feet away from the image display surface area. It has a 3D function but you need a pair of glasses to use it,. The only cons that might be there is the 262 watts of power that it uses, the 6500 lamp lifetime cycle I know some that produces 15000, finding the proper opiate lamp to replace it when the time comes and if there is a fun or moving parts does it make a lot of noise.
  3. Yep that happens
  4. Red Dead Redemption

    A family member is using my PS3 for the summer, probably get it back in a week or 2, i'm in.
  5. BF1 unhelpful medic

  6. I have to say the Ryzen 7 1800x is a better processor for a gaming enthusiast versus any of these Thread Ripper processors. The Thread Ripper is mainly for Content creators and heavy multitasking usage with all the available threads and cores it will be able to tap into and utilize, versus any of the other (AMD Processors) by a long shot. The Ryzen 1800x would be better as it can use the base frequency of 3.7Ghz - 4.1Ghz per core at 2 theads per core, it has a total of 8 cores and 16 threads and will also supports 4K & VR. Now this processor supports 2667 Mhz front side bus at Max, so I would purchase 2 (Dual Channel memory each at 8GB DDR4 clocked at 2667 Mhz RAM which is the max frequency that this processor will handle, anything higher is a waste of money because it will not utilize a higher frequency and I would also make sure that it is a low latency memory. Now moving on to the motherboard make sure it obviously supports the ryzen processor socket series & make sure that it also supports 2667 Mhz FSB, having a good chipset like x370 is important and support wireless N/AC, gigabyte ethernet, has a 6GB/s SATA connection, supports Dual Channel Memory slots, USB 3.1, HDMI 1.4 ,16x pcie any other features is up to you. a Ceative Sound Blast Z sound card would top it off nicely. Choose your power supply needs accurately those are the essentials. Overall make sure to pick the best graphic cards suited for the max resolution of your gaming monitor, because the graphic card is what will really drives your system, but you dont need to go overboard beyond that.
  7. In game hit the option button> settings> audio & increse Dialogue Boost & maybe lower other volume options if needed.
  8. Crew Challenge 128 – Mirror Park Coupes

    Gave it try & got a 50.717 in the Zion Cabrio but kept flipping the Felon GT on the corners
  9. Your Profile Settings was definitely corrupt, by going into story mode it mostly likely Asked you to do a quick auto save where you would just press X. thus fixing the issue & swiftly move onto online rather than holding down L1+R1 at the black screen when the game was starting.
  10. Gunrunning DLC (Update 1.40)

    40 rounds??? I only got 4 rounds wth spent over $2M on research already.

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