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  1. It's happening...

    I played RDR & RDR Undead, they both had alot of game modes, but really the only new thing I see is the bow and arrow then again I could throw a tomahawk or knife. The only game I'm looking to get its TLOU2, I think I'll sit this one out.
  2. GT Sport AMG Replay

    was trying to find the look behind button and ended up in the back end of the green lambo
  3. Moonshine, anyone make it?

    I remember back in the when some one used the wrong type of metal in the process, and it resulted in him losing his eyesight. Then again I was in an information probably isn't scientific.
  4. Gm going all electric

    China announced that they are going fully electric last month, that's one third of the market so they are staying in the competition is all.
  5. PSN Store Battlefield sale

    Star Wars Battlefront season pass is now free for PS4 uses until October 5th, so you don't have access to all downloads so get it while the offer is available.
  6. When your doctor is a legend.
  7. I wanted to buy the Titan One usb device to use a xbone control on the ps4 when I 1st bought the console. I spoke to them directly about that & it was as if they had gotten an epiphany, saying 'I will get back to you on that which they never did.' I hope they fixed it so it can be primarily used.
  8. @Davidcore does it work in safe mode? I had the gioteck gc2 control for the ps3 & it will not work in safe mode, I had to plug in the original, which led me to wonder if this your wired controller works in safe mode for the PS4?

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