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  1. Any cars I need to buy or are we racing stock?
  2. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Thanks for the cannonball run style challenge @djw180. It was fun and different.
  3. Sorry for the delay... @JuniorChubb Par @Protocawl +1 @Squirrel +2 Proto and Chubb finished level on +8, but Chubb landed in the water on hole 7 before he disconnected, so has decided to just let Proto go straight into the final, rather than have a playoff. Finalists are @djw180, @Crawford1872, @Protocawl and myself. Previous scores are wiped, so anyone can win. Final can be played whenever we are all free. Thank you for participating @JuniorChubb and @Squirrel, and once again thanks for your honesty Chubb.
  4. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Even explosive ammo? Surely with that you could just shoot all helicopters and survive for hours.
  5. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Ok so... Last night I was going for absolute perfection and would restart the challenge if I had one major incident or 2 spins, so didn't finish many attempts. My best was a 6:40.089... I drove to absolute perfection and was at the top of the hill at 3:10. It went downhill from there (pun intended). Had a spin coming down which cost me a couple of seconds. Then coming onto route 68 some truck made a stupid turn and I had to take major avoiding action costing ~7 seconds. Luck got even worse when I died on the pier. ~13 seconds lost. Somehow still got a 6:40 and I realised it was possible to do a quick time without restarting every time I had a spin. But didn't attempt it last night because I was raging so much. Today on the 3rd attempt I did a scruffy run, spinning out and flipping at the dirt track and crashing into a tree at the end and got a 6:32.778. At one point I was 10s down on the one where I died, which means sub 6:20 is possible. This attempt was after the challenge ended, but I did it because I didn't want to admit defeat to the track. So my final time is 6:40.089. Still pissed off that I died on the pier though.
  6. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    I landed on the pier and died
  7. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    That’s absolute heaven compared to what I’ve just experienced.
  8. Crew Challenge 154 - SFred

    Done a few runs tonight. 6:48.964. I’m coming for you @Lann
  9. Me -4 @Crawford1872 -2 @djw180 Par Scoreboard updated.
  10. Names of Shame?

    I was in a lobby with someone called Granny_On_Wheelz and ironically they sent me a message saying “nice name lol”
  11. UnVetted member

    Hello visions. Welcome to XDBX
  12. Do what you want it was just a suggestion As long as they get played by Monday I’m easy
  13. Makes more sense for @JuniorChubb @Protocawl and @Squirrel to play together to ramp up the pressure on Proto for that final qualification spot So that would mean me, @Crawford1872 and @djw180 playing a round. I can do Saturday after two bros or anytime Sunday
  14. ps4 Thursday Testing May 10th

    Yep. Kept getting stuck in the tube and had to wait for someone else to score to get pushed out.
  15. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    Yes dj, that’s the quickest combination. Thanks.

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