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  1. planning Event ideas

    Hummm...VANS v XDBX Banger Racing needs to happen again! Was great fun last time...and VANS won 😛
  2. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Sorry for the tap @Squirrel you came right across me, l couldn't avoid it. 😕 Lol @Jc10110 that was an epic bin! Your best of the season? Are we going to see a JC bin it compilation video? 😛
  3. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    First things first, welldone to @BRacerfor winning the championship! Welldone @Potato for second spot! Not sure who has third but I believe it's close between myself and @Fido_le_muet ? Massive thanks to @Squirrel for a very well run series, which for the most part was very enjoyable (despite the horrible car! lol) As far as tonight goes, I was very surprised to get second, especially after a pretty poor qualifying. Not sure what happened at the start but I got sandwiched between @Jc10110 and @Crawford1872 didn't have anywhere to go really? It all kicked off around me over the next few corners, luckily avoiding any major contact. I found myself in 3rd somehow after the first lap! I chased down and passed @Paulie for 2nd then had @Jc10110 up my arse for a couple of laps until he did one of his famous bins. Didn't see it but I have been told it's a goodun! Then on it was a pretty lonely race, Spud had a big enough gap upfront and I had pulled a gap on the guys behind so just kept her steady and brought her home...
  4. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Disappointing race for me. Made to many mistakes and just wasn't on the ball...(Should have gone to bed lol) Regarding the first corner crash, I was mad at the time but after reviewing the replays it seems like a racing incident to me, no need for the stewards to get involved. Ironic really my best qualifying of the season and I go from 3rd to last in one corner! 😠
  5. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Cheers all good fun last night. @JuniorChubb Really enjoyed the track those chicanes were certainly a challenge! Well chuffed with 2nd my best result yet, not sure why but I was much more on the pace than usual. That car seamed slightly more stable and less slidey, probably due to the downforce changes... I was 5th off the line and held station for a few laps then it all kicked off... @Jc10110 had a moment that bunched me @Potato and @Clydicality up. I backed off as I thought this is going the end in tears! It did at the 3rd chicane when Spud and Clyd made contact allowing me through. Was content to settle for 3rd tbh, but I was slowly catching JC and with a couple of laps to go he ran wide at the 2nd Lesmo and I got a run on him down the back straight. Unfortunately my 3rd spot in the standings will be short lived as I doubt I will be able to do the next round and rounds after that will be up in the air as I will probably be moving house soon, so dunno what the Internet situation will be like ?
  6. Race of Champions

    Not going to commit to anything right now as there's a strong chance I will be moving house soon so all gaming plans will be up in the air. But pencil me in anyway sounds fun.
  7. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Not going to comment on all the BS above but some people need to grow the fuck up that's all I'm going to say. But as Ally said it's a very well run series and a credit to @Squirrel. Not a huge fan of some of the tracks though and I hate the car and it's annoying tendency to slide mid corner for no fucking reason! (It's getting sold as soon as the season is over lol) I will probably see out the season but very much doubt I will do a second season to be honest. If theres another championship run with different cars and a variety of tracks (not just flat stunt piece tracks) Then I would be interested. I personally think it's a waste of time trying to re-create real circuits in GTA. While there has been some good efforts they will never be right. (Go play Project Cars/Forza/GT etc if you want real tracks) Its much more fun and creative to build realistic fictional circuits using the props and environment available so maybe a championship based around those kind of tracks would be more enjoyable? There's loads of great tracks available... IF, and it's a huge IF, theres enough interest I maybe tempted to run another mini-series in a similar vain to the LSTCC. Although it didn't get the numbers of the Super Cup it was a very enjoyable, light hearted little series with minimal bitching...
  8. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Good battle once again @Jc10110 ? Not sure exactly what happened but it all went a bit pete tong within a lap for me. I was 5th having a good dice with JC, but got boxed in behind a couple of people which slowed me up and I lost momentum, which allowed @JuniorChubb & @Protocawl past. In my haste to get back past Chubb I made contact with him at the hairpin when I misjudged his braking (sorry mate) which held me up further... Managed to get past Chubb legitimately a lap or so later then spent the rest of the race chasing down Proto. Managed to catch him on the last lap but he 'did a JC' and binned in with only a couple of corners to go! So back to my default postion of 5th lol
  9. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Love you too ? @Jc10110 Was a good battle mate, bit of rubbing here and there but nothing to worry about. (My yellow bumper has bits of black paint all over it ?) Infact you actually got past me a couple of times only to run wide and let me back through! It's the second Supercup race in a row you didn't bin on the last lap what's going on!! ? Anyway pleased with my first podium of the season and first time I didn't finish 5th lol @Squirrel Cheers for hosting as usual. Not sure about the Spa tracks to be honest. First track was really dull and boring with some dodgy barrier placement. The second one was more fun but still had some issues... Anyway guys don't forget it's the Sultan RS Cup on Wednesday, details on here or on GTAF ☺
  10. The Sultan RS Cup! Wednesday August 9th 20:00 BST/19:00 UCT One of the best cars in the game in my opinion, but due to the fact C* put it in the wrong class it rarely gets raced. This is a shame as it handles brilliantly and is very fun to drive! But now you have the chance to race it competitively for one night only. Welcome to the Sultan RS Cup! To clarify, you will need a Karin Sultan RS (Super class, 2 door, bennified version) It maybe fully modded and customised however you like but no off road tyres. (It will be an all tarmac affair) The night will consist of a playlist of 5-6 medium length races (10-15mins each) All using our Sultan RS's. The tracks will be a mix of street tracks and realistic stunt prop tracks. (No actual 'stunt' tracks with jumps etc) The playlist will be posted in advance once sorted. Format The night will start with a brief freemode meetup to show off our cars. (Don't worry if you can't make the 20:00 BST startime just join when you can, we have alot to get through and don't want it going on too late) There will be no qualifying to save time, but we will be shuffling the grid for each race, you won't start from the same place every race. So don't race from the start. Racing Rules No kerb boosting. Let me clarify this though. Going over the kerbs on the inside and outside of corners on the racing line is ok. Weaving on and off kerbs down the straights is certainly not! I shouldn't have to say this but race clean at all times. No pitting, weaving, using the car in front as a brake etc... Some of the tracks used will be tight street tracks so please be patient when trying to overtake, no 'dive bombing' into corners... If being overtaken give racing room. If your opponent is more than half a car length inside you, you must concede, don't cut them off. Likewise if going for an overtake and you are not atleast half a car length inside, back off. No one is perfect and mistakes happen. If you do accidentally take someone out you must slow down and let them take their position back. To help with this using the farthest away camera and extended map is advised. The night will begin as contact racing but I will switch to non-contact if poor driving standards are seen or people start bitching.... Above all else this is intended to be a fun race night, not 'serious' racing and players of all skill levels are welcome. But if you like to kerb boost, double-clutch, ram other cars etc. then go race elsewhere... Sign up on here or on GTAF! @djw180 @zmurko Can this please be moved to public scheduled events? Won't let me change it.
  11. @Lann I'll go with the majority. If the earlier time is problematic for too many people I'll stick to 21:00 BST @JuniorChubb cheers mate was going to ask but you beat me to it ☺
  12. No worries just join when you can will be a full night of racing
  13. Just bumping this as a reminder. Full details will be posted soon, once I have decided on a format but it will be going ahead next Wednesday. Any objections if I brought the start time forward to 20:00 BST? Would suite me better so it doesn't drag on too late.
  14. Project CARS 2

    Deffo getting this. Loved the first one but it was a bit difficult on a pad, especially the faster cars. If they have made it more pad friendly then it will be awesome. The track and car list pisses allover GT sport. Will be getting Forza 7 for XBONE aswell
  15. Cheers all who took part in the LSTCC it's been good fun! Final Standings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1a5l7dLyX06uE1KkriyeNtTr3q6rg27LYF3Kb4RmHaig/edit?usp=drivesdk

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