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  1. ps4

    Did a bit of practice earlier got consistent 1:12s. Got a couple of 1:11s but that was being a bit liberal with kerb use lol
  2. If you are going to get technical Bugatti is German as it is owned by VW I believe... Always use the Rapsody in compacts as I have an irrational hatred of Fiat 500s lol Not a huge supercar fan so only own a couple. Its ironic really as I sold what supercars I had to fund the purchase of 2 RE7B's one for each character as it was the fastest when it came out. Its now shite due to the nerfs.... cheers C* 😠
  3. Sounds good but I don't own a Brioso or any of the supers so I'll either borrow one or just use a stock one so no drama ☺
  4. 1. Yes 2. Tropos & Bestia but not on the same character though 3. None
  5. ps4

    It's not a bad track but the shrubbery spoils it. The first corner you have to deviate off the racing line to avoid it as it slows you down if you hit it. Obviously too late to change it now but I'm sure I've played another version minus shrubbery which was just as good, but can't find a link...
  6. ps4

    Not really practiced much simply because I dislike the track, too much shrubbery...
  7. Hi guys just reminder about this, please sign up asap if you intend to attend, either on GTAF or on here. We are accepting new entries remember, so come join the fun ☺
  8. Cheers all ☺
  9. Guys think I'very sussed it. Loaded my RX-Chumash race into creator, moved the trigger which was partially in the sea, in land. Test, update version.... It works!!! 😃😃😃
  10. I know the trigger for my track is partially in the sea...hummmm if I can get it the load in creator again I will move it see what happens
  11. No not tried that, doubt that is the reason. Didn't we establish that these jobs were all around the chumash area/on or near the beach?
  12. My race is RX-Chumash. It was the I/E update that broke it though. Its very odd as it let me load it into creator, but won't let me play it? Strange...
  13. To be honest alot of it is common sense and having spacial awareness. Plus having the camera set to highest level and map expanded helps. Most incidents are caused either by people being impatient and going for gaps that arn't there or simply not giving racing room and squeezing people into walls etc. Best advice I can give if trying to overtake is try different lines, ie if the guy in front is being defensive the taking the inside line, try taking a wider line into the corner so you get a better exit. That's what I try and do anyway.
  14. @starmonkeykiller sure if I can help in anyway let me know.
  15. Cheers fellas ☺ @Squirrel supports Leeds though so he doesn't matter....booo hiss 😆