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  1. Yup, I read the rules and guidelines. My JuniorChubb account is clean as a whistle, not even duped a car on it I wont be sullying the XDBX tag with any dodgyness, I'll save that for VANS
  2. ps4

    I just wanna check I have been practising the right track? Is it the one with the tree on the apex?
  3. Cool I had decided to make 2 or 3 instead of one but my first idea got dropped after I discovered what a pain in the arse it is p[lacing props in the tunnel. Anyway second idea has got off to a flying start and a very late night for me. Don't want to say to much right now but would like to dupe a few players into testing with me at some point soon.
  4. ps4

    Ally vs Cat.... Ooooooh I could crush a grape!
  5. I run two accounts, more than happy to run XDBX on the account I have applied with for the whole vetting process. Most likely in the future I will stick with XDBX on one account whilst leaving my other account for VANS but it is nice to know I will be able to mix and match in the future.
  6. @Lann just wanted to check what kind of balance you wanted between props and the environment? I am guessing a 90% prop based job goes against the idea of allocating zones but enhancing the landscape is acceptable?
  7. Cheers Ally, be careful though mate I showed him your post... you might have your very own fanboy
  8. I had a bit of a shaky start with XDBX and wanted to test the water before committing... Working with you guys on the Star Wars night was great fun, I love the Pfister Cup, Murkos SRL has been fun when I have joined and the mixed playlists have been... well... um.. mixed What has made me take the plunge is how you deal with people who do not fit with your gaming ethos, I sometimes wish I was a little more stern/firm/strict with people at my events but I'm just a big softie. I was also holding back as I didn't want to join a crew without Bing but all you stuff starts when he is in bed anyway. Looking forward to some good gaming
  9. Awwww shucks, cheers guys
  10. Hello again peeps! I have decided to apply for crew membership and rather than start a new thread I'll just bump this one. My name is JuniorChubb, I like swimming, cycling and stag beetles. I am single but have 14 kids with 20 different women, my favourite game is Uncharted on Xbone so I am hoping this is the crew for me... I have two accounts, the account I am applying for membership with is PSN: JuniorChubb SC: JuniorChubb Hopefully you can accept me and my quirks.
  11. Jolene Yoga? sounds like a country and western exercise... or a cowgirl slapper.
  12. So...... when do I get my area? I am getting sucked into Hyrule further and further each day, a Creator project might bring me back to Los Santos.
  13. ps4

    Dude, I thought it was Wednesday today, I got Ally and Limey mixed up in voice chat... I ain't got a clue what is going on...
  14. More than happy to help Editor can really be your friend when making videos like this...