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  1. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Sorry @djw180 been a bit busy... will get on this week.
  2. ps4 Holy Hermes

    Having Thunder in races is a great addition Omar.... really adds so to the atmosphere in off road races. Will bookmark it and give it a run Ally.
  3. I would guess the Sunday 19:30 would be best...
  4. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Will try and get on tomorrow @djw180 Will be on Fortnite with Bing until bed time tonight.
  5. VANS are up for it Lan... just need to confirm the date and time. 19:00 UCT Friday as mentioned is good. The same time or earlier will work on a Su day for us too.
  6. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Well played Squirrel, good round old chap.
  7. Stunt race weather bug

    Thanks to you guys too @omarcomin71, we noticed when after practicing A Drift Too Far for CotC which must have weather set to current.
  8. Stunt race weather bug

    Not sure if this is news or not but... Rain is back in Stunt Races I have just tested and raced a Stunt Race with rain on. Just set the weather to rain in creator and bingo the rain appears when you play the job. Unfortunately Fog, Lightening etc are not availble as the only otions in creator are Bright, Raining or Current. We discovered this after rain appeared in a Stunt Race the other day and guessed the weather was set to current, so a little testin lead to this discovery.
  9. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Give home time JC.... he has just changed his avatar, don’t want to overload the pressure
  10. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Cool..... it’s on then. Might even fire up GTA and get some practice in.
  11. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    @Squirrel will you be on before GTS tonight?
  12. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Cool, count me in then
  13. submission XDBX Golf Championship

    Do I just need to play 3 matches?
  14. Chiliad Not Oval - Hauler

    Nice Ally, how the hell did you hit the spare Transform CP in Creator though?
  15. Mud, Sweat and Gears

    Thought I would share this... one of the closest race finishes I can remember being involved in ffro. season E Round W of Clash of the Crews: Mud, Sweat and Gears

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