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  1. PretendWereDead

    Hi PretendWereDead, thought I recognised the username... Good to see ya
  2. Transform Races

    Awesome, I’ll give it a go later.
  3. What did you do today?

    Course it does, look at the badge... VansWagen
  4. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    IK+ was a funny game... way of the exploding fist on amphetamines with 3 players instead of two. Lots of great little hidden animations and the classic 6 maybe 7 player simultaneous choreographed karate. I played it on Atari ST and it was a classic. edit: maybe it was 5 players
  5. Transform Races

    I know the feeling Lan.... It would be easier to go back to tracks already created, however this can be risky as Transform cars add to your model memory so you could just hit a brick wall.
  6. This can be a bit of a heated discussion and similar threads on GTAF turn into one big developer bashing orgy, if you disagree with anything you are labelled a Fanboi and sent packing. Nice to see more of a discussion about things here. I can't cast a vote however as the poll is a little to black and white for me. Personally I do not think the idea behind Microtransaction is as bad as the current tsunami of hate would have us believe. IMO what causes the issues is the abuse of MT's which is happening right now in what is basically an unregulated market. If MT's had not been abused so badly in the search for profit we might have a different opinion on them and actually consider some of the benefits they could offer. Like many things though the pursuit of the income has soured the milk. For me a great example is PES My Club. I downloaded this 'stripped down' version of PES that probably runs a similar MT model to FIFA. However the game was free, I have got a free version of my favourite footy game, exhibition matches are limited to a handful of teams but considering I only play the game once or twice a year that is perfect for me. I am sure if I got into the online aspect of buying and selling players my opinion might change slightly bu regardless it was a free game. I have got a friend who plays this on PS3 and really enjoys it and has never spent a dime on the game, his gaming is supported by those who are happy to throw money at a video game.
  7. Transform Races

    Not sure what you mean but... Primary and secondary CP's can be turned into Transform CP's so I would guess the answer is yes .... I hope
  8. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    For online gaming I think it was Grid for me... What an intro to online gaming/racing. Utter chaos on the first corner of every race, people reversing on the grid, I also remember getting verbally abused for complimenting another driver overtook me for the win on the last corner... the good old days My first multiplayer days were Match Day 2, an Imagine Basketball game and way of the Exploding fist on the Spectrum 48k. They really where the good old days. Having a brother of a similar age meant there was always multiplayer gaming from Speccy, to Atari ST, Amiga on to SNES, N64, PS2, GameCube then PS3 and usually football related. Matchday 2 on the Speccy Can somebody tell me why after 35 years of gaming experience I am still shite?
  9. Transform Races

    I have a few jobs you can use to test custom vs stock DJ. I was wondering which version Car it gives you if you have more than one, maybe the one highest up you list of cars/ garages? You car does not revert to the lobby car when you cross the finish line, but you do need a convert to lobby car CP in your race, this can be hidden of track though. If you are already in the vehicle the CP just displays as a normal CP instead of a TCP. As for parachute races, you might just be able to start on foot and jump off a platform. That could be pretty cool.
  10. Transform Races

    Warp CP's are not available... I am guessing implementing them in Creator was a pain in the arse or R* was worried they would be used to abuse the game in some way (under map dupes maybe?). I get the feeling you are right about starting in land vehicles, I have yet to check if you can add props to Air Races yet though. That would be a bonus. I have mixed emotions so far... everything I have tried has suffered from the clouds of smoke and the split second you are not in control when you transform so keep those TCP's on straight sections of your races. Adding transform vehicles adds to the Model Memory of the race too, this is a real pain in the arse IMO. Still excited with what might be possible though. Mixed class racing should be possible with off track TCP's but maybe not as many cars as you would like. Great thread BTW, will post what I create and any issues here Edit to add: 16 players max for Transform Races, no GTA race option and no rain as they are classed as stunt races.
  11. planning XDBX Golf Championship

    Spot on, some take it way too seriously, don't get me wrong play by the rules but have fun. Golf is great fun until you reach a decent standard, once you have set the bar you are not happy unless you match or beat yourself. From this point IMO the game slowly becomes less and less enjoyable. I am not great at the game but I used to enjoy it and play a lot more when just getting the ball in the air for 100 yards was an achievement.
  12. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Can't think what might be keeping you busy...
  13. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Those in the Regular Racers chat may have heard @Squirrel mention a GT Sport based Pfister Supercup, just wondered if there was much interest? BE warned though... @BRacer has got GT Sport Also, are there any official Supercup final standings yet or did I miss them?
  14. planning XDBX Golf Championship

    I might be up for a little fore play... Can I go 'maybe' for the minute?
  15. Gran Turismo Sport

    Great news Pap, thanks for sharing.

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