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  1. ps4 No Man's Sky

    Yeah me too . I have read some people enjoy playing it on their VR with it set on cinematic view . Ive not tried it but do want to . Prob as close as one can get until they add it. I do think they might add that in the future though.
  2. ps4 No Man's Sky

    So the rumor was true . So now you can team up together and explore space. Pretty cool .
  3. ps4 No Man's Sky

    There is a rumor that this summers " big" update for this game is going to finally include a real MP mode . Someone did some data mining and found some code that they claim basically confirms it. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DdRy3ChV0AE7lyq.jpg we will see but it would add a nice element to the game i feel.
  4. here are a few photos from friday nights playlist.
  5. That moment when .......

    And the other two was debating which one gave the pilot the keys ......and why they did so ......
  6. Ok so here is a picture from a very , interesting moment , we had the other night trying to complete a mission . See for yourself, and feel free to add a "caption" for the picture just for some extra fun.... Also , do you think we made it out of this alive? (We are the people upside down )
  7. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Me and my wife really enjoy playing this game. Its very fun . Be glad to squad up with some of you sometime . Really a fun game , and free? well can't beat that .
  8. Still learning how to take some good picks from the video editor.....
  9. Playstation VR

    i thought about taking dramamine like a few hours before on nights i plan to play, to see if it helps actually.
  10. Playstation VR

    Here is my video of the Heist i was talking about, even though over half of it , is just a video , i really enjoyed the ability to hold controller( i dont have move controllers) sideways , and shoot things with what felt like a pretty accurate aim of where i was aiming.Then the next game you see me start, i dont last long and am sick and shut it down, haha. So right now im banning any games that involves me getting in a mechic suit ..... as both have made me sick. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/212831804
  11. Playstation VR

    Actually just looked up a video on it, made me sick within 30 seconds.... that Starblood Arena is one of the two i mentioned above, just makes me sick to my stomach. So far any game with movements like that, somehow screw with me , quickly. Im actually looking forward to Fallout 4 VR when it comes out, i am pretty sure i can handle that and i like the game, but never finished it. I really hope RD2 has VR support , but im not getting my hopes up at all .... sadly.That would be the Ultimate for me .Or GTA V in VR.
  12. Playstation VR

    Nice, i just downloaded the batman one last night since it was on sale for 11$ . Ive only messed around with it some. So far my Fav has been The Heist on the VR Worlds game. That was pretty tight and did not make me sick. I had actually downloaded the mech battle game a while back when it was free on psn one month just in case. But ive tried that game twice now and it makes me sick within minutes of playing it . There is another game ( demo) i cant recall but i think it was on that PSVR Worlds disc , that has you in a mech "suit" that also made me pretty sick in a short period of time. So i think any games like that is a no go for me. I ran the drive club demo and it was pretty fun , the star wars one was cool and didnt make me sick. Growing up i suffered alot from motion sickness so i was affraid i may have this issue, but so far just seems a couple out of all ive played made me sick. I thought about Resident Evil since i had heard it was one of the better ones. I also thought about Skyrym but had heard bad reviews on it , so was not sure there.Looking forward to more games on it , it is awesome.Although i would not mind if it had better graphics. I noticed you gotta get it set just right ( in line with eyes i guess) or it looks off. And i have a ps4 pro . Not sure what more one can do there for graphics.
  13. Playstation VR

    so im curious , as i just got a vr headset for christmas, who here has one , and what games are your favs on it so far?
  14. Introduction take 2

    thanks for those responses, i was curious, as i didnt see anything and i also understand people can be busy , or not even be fully aware someone is in this process time and may not know to post .So i was just kinda double checking. I was sick the week of christmas, and didnt play on ps4 hardly at all, other than to test out the VR headset my wife got me. so i just wanted to make sure i was keeping up . Thanks again for responses.
  15. Introduction take 2

    so i think im still in the " vetting" stage. i have run some heist with zz and ultramoorine and another person ( dont recall name) , then this past sat did alittle in the 2 brothers playlist event. There was 9 others in it . I dont recall who , but didnt notice anyone " vetting" for me so thought id put this here.Not sure what else im supposed to do about this.But i am trying .

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