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  1. What did you do today?

    Sorry to miss two bro's birthday but away camping, have a nice!
  2. Crew Challenge 133 – Racing Cheetahs

    In, either is fine but I do like the super
  3. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    Cheers, yeah will need to buy a banshee when I get online myself
  4. ps4 Practice Squad (Lann)

    Can you include the GTAF time trials track please dude
  5. What did you do today?

    Was the other day but I found @Squirrel 's real home in Banff
  6. planning WCC Racing

    Hopefully if I had uni on any of these days I could join the end of the pl, wake me up a bit before I have to leave, as Dj said, no guarantees though
  7. What did you do today?

    went up a mountain proper today. 2500m/8200ft. Higher than anywhere in Britain and then a bit more.
  8. Project CARS 2

    Think most folks (myself included) are going for this, if they've done what they've said to improve the pad experience it should be awesome.
  9. Vote for Snapmatic Photo Jun-Aug

    Absolutely! It's difficult to arrange such a piece for sure! I have this one called "The kids R sleeping" feat two very dead merryweather people a crew mate probably (deservedly) sent on me
  10. ps4 XDBX Football League (Zadk)

    We'll finish the games, round off the table so it's nice and done, new game will be out in the not too distant future, hopefully whilst everyone's interest is nice and high we can have some proper fun with it
  11. Vote for Snapmatic Photo Jun-Aug

    I agree, we're all so fuckin arty it's unbelievable , need to bother to clear out my editor footage so I can capture all the stuff we get up to more often.
  12. ps4 No SRL/No SnG? WTF

    Just from the screenshots of con's videos some of these jobs look cool, would be good to try some of them when home
  13. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Haha you're trying tho, would be a really cool track if done right as you describe, besides if it's mainly on the road you should have the props you need to get the couple of tricky spots right! I believe in you!
  14. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Love you.
  15. The 2017-2018 Beautiful Game Thread

    Agreed, that would work for me, currently can only be punished retrospectively if the ref misses it completely. That's the one thing that annoys me about football, most go down way too easy

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