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  1. Hello

    Tech is on with us now @truelife98 so have sent the invite, just a heads up
  2. Hello

    Welcome back!
  3. planning Event ideas

    Cool, i’ll speak to AJ
  4. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    Fear not @LannI was running it earlier today, under 2 tenths away from my target of breaking the 4 minute mark in the trophy truck, when I get that, i’m done
  5. Open Sundays (Lann)

    Exactly haha, still can’t believe the only haircuts the’ve added have been awful military inspired things they basically already had in game
  6. Open Sundays (Lann)

    It’s 2017 and they still don’t have ManBuns! Ridiculous i agree!
  7. ps4 DiRT Rally

    Gonna sort this today hopefully, should join in for the next event
  8. planning Event ideas

    Wouldn’t mind setting something up with DAMN in late December/early jan nothing competitive, just similar to the last one
  9. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Thanks again for a great night, not sure how to upload pictures to GTAF so here you go and do as you wish with them. Even got some pics of you getting your face smashed in @JuniorChubb
  10. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Have equipped tracer rounds to a gun for some pre pl photos, heads up for anyone else looking to do so
  11. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    I made a Jedi outfit to try and accept i’ll never be that irl and dress up is as good as it gets... but will change for more a more combat look to accommodate the helmet (Endor inspired)
  12. Favourite Cover Songs

    Mate those were nice! The Miley bit as well as them going for completely their own style absolutely made that, a day in the life is my favourite song on the album also @LimeGreenLegend
  13. Favourite Cover Songs

    Oooh thanks will give these a listen, the Ryan Adams cover is back in my first post in the thread I think also
  14. Hello!

  15. Hello! Interested in joining your crew!

    Yeah adding, @LimeGreenLegend on PSN is a good idea

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