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  1. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    Yeah it was the only reason I jumped ship. I know how frustrating it is for Rosta to have to carry a random. lol.
  2. What a shitty scam. Maybe they do want to kill the game once and for all. Now I would not have any issues with this format but the vehicle pricing is just way too high to begin with.
  3. Post Pics of your new shit

    Got this new piece of excrement on wheels. I bought one when it was originally released but I could not drive it to save my life so I sold it and just rebought it a few days ago. Helped me crush a personal best in the Duel Stunt Race.
  4. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    Adverse Sunday 10/15 videos: Here Pete and Smurf are outnumbered but pull out a victory. Another 3 vs 2...this time score is tied ---- next kill wins in this Power Play: Thanks Pete, Smurf, Rosta, and the random that stuck with us to the end. BTW, Is this playlist closed to the public?
  5. Season 2

    Looks like an unfortunate violation of the rules. Congrats GTAF! Season 2 Champions!
  6. Crew Challenge 137 – Red vs Blue

    Blue- 1:36.932 / Red- 1:32.561
  7. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    XDBX 2017 Tennis Championship - Con vs Pete [Match 2] Pete Tankpras and Jimmy CON-nors have an epic OT match at the Chumash Hotel Courts. Tennis officials found the match too intense and had to send all the spectators home to watch from the safety of their Twitch accounts, leaving just @pete_95973 and I to 'Slay on the Clay I' (pay-per-view plug). Enjoy for Free!! I believe I won.... 7-6. Pete and I would like to thank our sponsors: Target, Gillette, Ammunation, and Warstock Cache & Carry. Part of the proceeds will go to the Potato Foundation.
  8. ps4 S'n'G's Treasure Hunt (Xyon)

    Is it regular SnG today? I didn't promote it because I didn't think it was happening this week.
  9. ps4 Two Brothers Playlist (Omar & Pete)

    Two Brothers 10/14 - Polishing Turds PL videos: Full Stream: Bonus Clip: Pete looks to have killed Lann but that was not to be...you can hear me celebrate right into confused silence.
  10. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    TNT - Futo Rally Racing [Full Stream] Another fun TNT night!
  11. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    You know that would be fun. Tennis with exploding timer ball. My guess is probably before or after 2Bros is good. The matches don't take very long at all. Let's see how it goes on Saturday.
  12. Christmas

    I just want my state to legalize so I can attempt to start a business.
  13. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    @pete_95973 v @Con None of this shit, okay Pete!!
  14. It's happening...

    I'll see you at TLOU2!!

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