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  1. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Thanks for that! Yeah I think we need to find one place that we can all take the train to avoid tunnels. That’s why taking it where I originally did (East LSC) is not the best place as it goes underground several times before you get out in the open (Blaine County). I’ll try different place when I get on later.
  2. ps4 DiRT Rally (& the XDBX League)

    I promise to watch game play and see if it moves me.
  3. ps4 No Man's Sky

    I was going to get this when my dog began feeling sick. Thankfully he is feeling better and this would be a perfect time to play this as I need something to just walk around and explore the cosmos.
  4. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Didn't think buying snacks/ammo was allowed. DJ or Lann, can we have a ruling on this?
  5. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Okay so I'm currently on the train, took it from the East side LSC, train took about 1-2 mins to arrive. But it looks like i have to use my rpg to get some stars on me. Which will deplete the RPG's. So i think timing that train arrival and hopping on with a 3-4 star level is what be more effective. I'll try that later.
  6. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    No RPG’s or Grenades. I mean I know what Handheld means but I’m just not clear if the rpg and gl are prohibited.
  7. Crew Challenge 155 - Grand Theft Loco

    Is the bear catholic? Of course, im in.
  8. Genius - anyone seen this?

    I'll catch up with the series eventually.
  9. Post Pics of your new shit

    Just in case i need a custom Feltzer in the future. If anyone already has one this color, just let me know and I'll find a different one. and in case I need one of these....
  10. UnVetted member

    Welcome Visionz!!! Glad you found us!
  11. Target Practice - Midweek 5/9
  12. I should be on. What time where you considering?
  13. Star Trek Bridge Crew

    The problem I have is the ability to be on the mic. Right now the only time i can guarantee being on the mic 100% are Sunday mornings 9am-Noon EST. I will say this....I love me some sci-fi so i will look into the game as I do want to use my VR more often...it's been like over a month since I used it.
  14. Crew Challenge 153 - Short Sports

    Screenshot would be great but I don’t view you as a bullshit artists so if I had a vote, I’d accept that time. I know I sometimes I go save a clip and double hit the command and lose the footage entirely. Shit happens.

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