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  1. planning Freeroam Air Raid

    I like blowing things up. I have a rogue or can copilot.
  2. Gm going all electric

    It will be a change in the job market for a lot of people if they do.
  3. No improvements for me here.
  4. It's happening...

    Short story- gta online but with cowboys
  5. I have them on mine as well. I think I'm stuck with the time I have. If @XuTek6651 beat me that closely, that's a good time for me.
  6. @XuTek6651 I had a feeling it could do 1:05 at least. Are you using off road tires?
  7. Currently 1:07:168 for me, using Jester rc.
  8. Request to join DB

  9. Slay says Gday

    Hello and welcome.
  10. @Crawford1872 I prefer the jester rc for this track, but I'm going to run a few laps in other cars also just to try it.
  11. Returning to stay

    Welcome back
  12. Introduction

    Welcome back
  13. Hello

  14. Thanks for asking @Lann, but I'm entirely too flakey to sign up for team stuff.

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