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  1. Blogs and Gallery - They going by the wayside

    Thanks Hatch.
  2. ps4 BACCAR Racing Series Season 3

    @Skorpion points are not correct again. Whoever went in and updated last removed the 9.5 from myself and Sinister from the redneck race we were kicked from. It's not that big of a deal for mine since I am no longer participating but for Sinister it does since he is an actual contender.
  3. I use an iPhone daily as my work phone and Samsung as my personal phone. I prefer the Samsung Galaxy over the iPhone. The calendar, the maps, and the photos all seem to have better quality and functionality.
  4. What did you do today?

    I finally got my blog up and running for our pizza adventure. We are trying 52 pizzas from different places in 52 weeks. We are not going to visit any large chains and will not visit the same place twice until after we are complete. I am not a professional writer or food critic but needed a way to put it out to the people that wanted to follow as it sparked some interest. Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out. https://corit82.wixsite.com/52pizzasin52weeks
  5. Vote for XDBX Photo of the Month - February '17

    I agree, having a theme may help get more participation. Good idea.
  6. What did you do today?

    I am excited and wanted to share. I just got @SINISTER120, @DaPanther03, our daughter, and myself tickets to see Metallica, Volbeat, and Avenged Sevenfold in July
  7. Your gaming setup

    @Squirrel very nice set up. I love the couches by the way!
  8. Site offline Monday the 30th

    Sounds good! Glad it is taken care of. Don't forget to reset the donation bars so we can work towards the future.
  9. Made something new tonight and thought I would share since it has been a while.
  10. Introduction

    Welcome to the crew Sean
  11. @skip_rat and @ConGamePro, @DaPanther03 is on the xbox one as well. His tag is Da Panther13 on there. I am posting this for him since he does not get on the message board.
  12. Returning member

    Welcome back
  13. Hello

    Welcome back!
  14. Americans, who did/ will you vote for?

    I have already voted as well with early voting here in Florida. I will not say who I voted for. There are more names on the ballot than Clinton and Trump. I will say that the two main candidates we have are flawed and as the country we are, we should have had better options for the main candidates of this election. This country is screwed either way it goes. I lost more and more respect for Trump each time he was addressed. Talking poorly about POW's was hurtful. I think what hit me the worst was when he made fun of the handicapped reporter. We live in a world today where bullying is too much and kids are killing themselves left and right because of it, yet we have a Presidential candidate that portrays bullying. What are we teaching our kids??? Many of you don't know this and I would appreciate nothing being said to him (only sharing since he does not log into site) Having a son that has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome due to motor tics, I take direct offense to what he has done with that. Luckily it is not severe and his attacks are not on the daily. I see the look in his face each time he sees it. Clinton has made some f'ed up decisions in her time as well.
  15. The Walking Dead **Spoilers**

    My new shirt with the Badass on it! Thanks to LootCrate!

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