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  1. ps4

    Redneck race 6, Snacks had fastest lap. My points total for GTA racing is missing the points from the kings division race.
  2. I had a very good run using a Bob. No deaths. Was a CEO though and didn't show money before starting. Will do some more tonight.
  3. Sorry to hear, Beez. Losing a job sucks.
  4. Why would you want a hydra? Would be waste of time hoping from jet to jet. Not to mention..... You would still have to dump it and steal a chopper.
  5. True. It can start at any point though. Could make it possible to rob the stores without Police attention. As Marsellus Wallace once said, I'm just contemplating the Ifs.
  6. I assume no one wants to do this with others around but.........Should add that this be done in a solo lobby. Certain CEO jobs trigger a session wide "no wanted level.
  7. Yes, I'm hoping more crew get it. I like the game but playing with the masses is too hit or miss. Trolls, idiots and just plain assholes are numerous. Had two fools wanting to meet in real life so one could teach the other a lesson. On the flip side...want to piss off an asshole.....go to the maps edge and get behind a rock. Hit O and wait for the timer to run down.
  8. Me too. Have upset my fair share of people in the past.
  9. ps4

    Will post screen shot later. My laptop screen is busted so using it is a pain. 1. Snacks 2. Sinister 3. Proto 4. DJ Brady disconnected. Everyone was also an RSVP. When adding points don't forget those that were disconnected still receive points, not a zero.
  10. Andddddd
  11. Nice track but you need to fix a turn. First turn after the first jump has some smooth track added to it. It stops short though and leaves a big flat edge that will stop a car in its tracks.
  12. ps4

    Will post a pic of last rednecks race today.
  13. I'm in.
  14. Yes it is a compact. Most everything in the states is a compact or midsize these days. Aside from some SUVs and trucks, the days of large vehicles has passed.