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  1. ps4 Sprunk Rally

    Fun track. Watch that first hill
  2. Moonshine, anyone make it?

    Long ago, folks would use car radiators as condensers. Majority were not cleaned and the antifreeze residues would still be inside of them. Also, some of them had lead solder connections. Both could lead to major health issues.
  3. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    I win plenty of races without using tricks or shortcuts so that knowledge isn't needed. Shortcuts can't help the majority of players since they don't understand proper braking, how to drive in a straight line, etc.
  4. Forza 5 GOTY Edition (XBOX One)

    I have one. Once I get our destroyed yard cleaned up and the power is restored I will grab this.
  5. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    Glad I was there to give you number 1000
  6. ps4 (GTA) Gunrunning ($×2), CEOing, MCing

    Selling a full bunker gives an associate 60 thousand. Very nice Indeed.
  7. My new (to me) S10

    Sounds good. Loving that dash, took some work to pull that off
  8. Land Racing Techniques

    Are all these weird tricks an actual part of code or just quirks that players have learned to manipulate over time? I love that other games don't have that curb boosting stuff.
  9. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

    This sounds like a fun game. Sadly a PC is not something I want to get involved with, lol.
  10. Gran Turismo Sport

    Just looked on Google. Can get decent feedback wheels for around 200 per console. Of course very good ones are much more.
  11. Gran Turismo Sport

    My only thing, especially with two consoles, is a steering wheel. Do they make one that is useable on all consoles? The things are anything but cheap. Horizon 3 is different than a straight Forza but I can tell that I am missing out by not having a wheel.
  12. Gran Turismo Sport

    So, this is supposed to be coming out soon. Anyone here going to be buying it? Says it will have a separate "arcade mode" ? This list of cars and tracks is a joke compared to the next Forza but this is a PS crew and I would like to have something to be able to play with you guys F13 turned out to be a waste of money, lol. If not, how about Pcars 2? I know DC will be buying that one for sure.
  13. Crew Challenge 129 - Multi Class Time Trial

    Amazed anyone can run good times on that track. The hairpin turn can suck my......
  14. Crew Challenge 129 - Multi Class Time Trial

    Ran my only laps yesterday. Will get on the laptop and put my times in spreadsheet in a few minutes. Should be mandatory for all creators to update their races and remove those fucking concrete barriers and tire stacks.
  15. Crew Challenge 129 - Multi Class Time Trial

    I'll join in. Nero Custom and Sabre Turbo Custom.

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