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  1. Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

    Parachuting--360 Air Race--6:09.140 Death Match--10
  2. Free Weekend

    Free? It normally costs money on top of the internet and psn costs? Is the game free?
  3. planning Darts Tourney?

    Sounds different. I'm in.
  4. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    Nice. Let me know when you are ready for 4
  5. (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    This is one time I will be sure to follow all rules.
  6. Exactly. 2 years in and cars still randomly crash themselves in races.
  7. Part 3. You may be on to something. Time travellers bring back new technology to take over the old west.
  8. Called it I actually laughed out loud when I saw the delay posted on Facebook.
  9. Gold horseshoes. Steam powered vehicles. Custom saddle etc. Machine guns existed in that period. R* will make it as crazy and unbelievable as they see fit. Personal orbital canons and flying rocket bikes prove this
  10. Not sure. I believe it will come out soon. That said, I will not be surprised if it gets pushed back. I want it for the story, not online. I will try it, goof around with crew but that's it. I am not getting as deeply involved as I am with GTAO.
  11. Hii I’m Sara.

  12. Eager beaver intro

  13. approved (FNF) Friday Night Foolin'

    I love it. Have been wanting to do some NT racing for a long time.
  14. ps4 Anniversary WTF PL (Sinister)

    0 RSVP so I'm going to be in bed at this time instead. Someone we wants to host something go ahead
  15. Friday the 13th : The Game

    You aren’t missing much. They wanted to reboot the series so this thing is a mess.

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