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  1. ps4 Criminal Mastermind challenge

    Can help any time and also do it for Tech. I'm free most any time on the weekends.
  2. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    Awesome. Will run some laps soon as well.
  3. Crew Challenge 143 – Off Roading

    I have really missed these things.....
  4. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    Sounds like a plan, man.
  5. ps4 TNT Racing (Dodge)

    Yikes, please tell me there are some crew transform races. I’ve done one from R* and promised myself I would never go near them again, lol.
  6. Share Your Most Recent Accomplishment

    Platinum GTAV on PS4. Took years to do that, lol. Even did 100% on the Editor junk. 1100+ race wins 12000+ kills 100+ Parachute wins
  7. Hello, yet again.

    Thank you. Bought Tech a new console and GTA. She doesn’t play much though so joining would be up to her. I have GT Sport and PCars 2. Cannot have PC2 until the 25th though, lol.
  8. Hello, yet again.

    5 months ago I swore I was done with GTA and online gaming. Made it about 2 weeks before getting drawn back in. Joined a different crew but still attended some events here. Well, that crew has completely abandoned GTA for games I’m not interested in. I’m still attending XDBX events and helping members. Only makes sense to quit being hard headed and come back to where I started. Hopefully you all will have me back. You should already know my answers to the questions and I know I will have to re vet
  9. The guessing game

    Nope, 1960s. 1962 Dodge Polara to be exact.
  10. Spinntires: Mudrunners

    I'm looking at it on the shelf at Game stop right now
  11. Spinntires: Mudrunners

    Last time I checked it was on the PS Store.
  12. Name that movie!!

    Willy Wonka Next... "Next time you pull that mechanical asshole in here it better be on an exhaust hose.
  13. Name that movie!!

    Spies Like Us. New Quote... “I wanna jump something else. I wanna jump house. I wanna jump something”. Bonus points for knowing the next line....
  14. TV shows

    Need to finish watching Mindhunter. First two episodes were good. Anything relating to Serial Killers has always interested me. Being a fan of animation, I just finished the first season of Big Mouth, some crazy stuff.
  15. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    I remember being stuck for months. You pull over an erratic driver and question them. 10 year old me had no clue what to type. Was watching some tv show and they mentioned a sobriety test. The light bulb lit up in my head and I took off running. Silly as it seems, I have some fond memories involving video games.

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