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  1. Hi, I’m Dustin

    Invitell sent. I'm hosting tonight's event, lobby will open at 9pm central time. I'll shoot you an invite if I see you online. You'll get a mesage in a day or so from @Beez or @truelife98 explaining many things to help new members get settled in. Let me know when you accept the invite and I will give you crew access on the site
  2. Hi, I’m Dustin

    Welcome. Your social club profile is set to private. Can you set it to public so we can make sure you are not a modder/hacker?
  3. (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    This Post has been updated with the events for March
  4. Hunting Pack II: The Race

    Fun race @kernalhogan
  5. Posting this for the kid, it's his first published race. Fairly simple in design going through the building construction and the streets, its a fast track https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/washatched/games/gtav/ps4/jobs/job/AF70mdJ5uk2DF3vSMPQSpw
  6. planning Darts Tourney?

    No specific time or day. When I know who you will face you will be given a get undetermined amount of days to get with them and setup a day and time tJat works best for you 2 and post the results when done. I will then give your next opponent
  7. planning Darts Tourney?

    If no one else wants in then I will get the brackets figured out Saturday
  8. Hunting Pack II: The Race

    If not then it will tonight as I plan on putting it inTNT
  9. (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    Different plan for this friday. No death train as I think it'll be shite with Deluxos and Orbital Cannons picking us off. So we will do a 16 job playlist featuring all the jobs made by @Con and @Beez amd most from @ssracingn2 We will meet up at the top of Maze Bank
  10. planning King of the KORTZ

    I can most likely attend. Can't promise it this far out otherwise I would take lead
  11. I could play if done next weekend as long as nothing comes up at work. I have to work tomorrow at this time
  12. (FNF) Friday Night Foolin' (JustHatched)

    This Friday is a playlist featuring jobs done by @Lann and no one else
  13. ps4 Crew Challenge 147

    2 part challenge this round and we'll end it on Feb 24th (unless @djw180 wants a different date) Part 1 - Best 2 lap time on Phantom of the Shopera by @Crawford1872 Part 2 - The first 3 holes of golf - For each point under par you finish we will subtract 1 second from your race time, for each point over par we will add 1 second to your race time.

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