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  1. What was the most recent thing you bought?

    2 PS4's and and XB1, kids will be happy come Dec 25
  2. Favourite Cover Songs

    @Crawford1872, if you a Pink Floyd fan, here is one recently out by Avenged Sevenfold
  3. Great way to take the lead

    @SINISTER120 found a great way to take the lead..... I had zero time to recover
  4. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    It's the 2nd Sunday of the month, tdms and racing tonight
  5. What did you do today?

    This will be going the the Petrol forum soon with pics, but we found Rose's first car (her actual first car), it's a 63 Ford Fairlane 500 . We are working on acquiring it and then will have to drag it out of the woods to get it home to evaluate for restoration. Great find
  6. The guessing game

    I think I can only get half as I know shit about EU cars, BMW? M6?
  7. So what is your preferred auto maker

    In the OP IK said I was a Chevy person, and that is true, but I guess it is more for older stuff. If I were to go buy a new car I really don't know what I would go for, the average person can't do anything with them other than check the oil, so since any would have to go to the dealer. I am one of those who would want an American made car, but shit, Chevy is made in Mexico, Chrysler is what.... Fiat? I dunno, I have nothing against other countries vehicles but would like to support my home, so its either a Ford which I have long hated or a Toyota which is made here but Japanese owned. I guess I'll just keep fixing my old shit and be happy as fat kid eating cake.....
  8. I personally would not play or intentionally buy a game where a loot box was required to progress or be competitive. I do not mind paying real cash for shit, I have spent more than I would like to admit on GTA and STO but the first time I am forced to do it I will never play any game by that dev be it R*, Cryptic or whoever. With Star Trek Online in mind, Cryptic Studios have mastered how to get you to spend your money. On that game you buy keys to unlock "lockboxes" and you have a very slim chance of getting a ship out of these (you always end up with other stuff), but these ships are not game changers. But anything in the lockbox can be sold to other players for in game currency so it is very possible to get what you want without spending a dime, though you will have do grind for in game currency.
  9. Shoutbox

    I appreciate the suggestion, but I don't think we can really do that If you are talking about some sort of email notice or something along that line our current chatbox can not be made to do that. Its a good idea and I will pass it on the devs of the box and see what the future holds. As far as using a different one, I would rather not, this one is designed to work with this software only, going with something else could prove problematic with setup and permissions, not saying it cant be done though.
  10. Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    Cool, will send out invite tonight
  11. Your First Online/Multiplayer Game?

    Multiplayer would likely be on an Atari 2600, couldn't even begin to guess which game since that was 34ish years ago. So I will just say Double Dragon on 8 bit Nintendo for multiplayer, a friend and I use to tear that shit up Online, hmm. I think I was Socom (3?) on PS3. Like any other shooter I sucked ass, went from that Ghost Recon series and sucked at shooting to GTAV where I still suck at shooting. A few random games and STO in there as well
  12. Star Trek Online XDBX Fleets

    What is the name of your toon so I can send you an invite to the fleet. Exact spelling It's fun, bit of a grind at times
  13. Pricise's Introduction

  14. Ernyoung again?

    Welcome back Ern, I am still sipping on the bottle of hooch you gave me a couple years ago. It's my working in the garage and getting fustrated fix
  15. Mature player looking for active crew


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