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  1. Crew Challenge 132 - Besranomics

    I didn't get a run on this @djw180, irl got me home late for several days leaving and hour for game time and it was spent on STO doing daily tasks
  2. What did you do today?

    Drove a nail thru the 2nd knuckle of my right first finger. Good times
  3. Small Issues

    @Lann, issue is not fixable atm, the dark theme is not compatible with the newest version of the site. Dunno what gonna do just yet, I may make a theme for the site so in the mean time do what you can cuz it'll take me a week or 2 to create a theme.
  4. Small Issues

    Ok, that narrows done so it can find the issue
  5. Small Issues

    Just for curiosity, switch to the light theme and try it
  6. Small Issues

    Did this get sorted for you on last update @Lann? Seems to work fine on my end, I grabbed and random reply from this thread to test it
  7. Recent Topics widget

    I changed the recent topics widget under the shoutbox, the old one worked but was broken in some minor areas, the dev for it stated he would not be updating it. The new is bascially the same other than it does not auto load a new reply instantly like the old, there is a 15 second delay, that time is adjustable but it helps with page load time with the delay. I know it seems like forever but fuck ya'll, you can wait Seriously though, I can adjust it down if there is a real need for it to be quicker
  8. Small Issues

    @Lann, you should see the option to "Dismiss All Attendees", let me know if it works
  9. Kennekuk Car Show (Picture Heavy)

    Meh, Ford, Dodge it's not a Chevy so it can't be anygood anyways It's likely a Ford then, you know Ford better than I. I've always been a Chevy/Pontiac guy, even obvious ones outside of that I never paid alot of attention to cuz most old Ford, Dodge, and Chevy trucks don't look like this
  10. Small Issues

    Looking into it, will know something in a day or so.
  11. Kennekuk Car Show (Picture Heavy)

    More pics 63 Impala 60's Chevy with Cadillac engine 65 Vette 70 El Camino 454 SS Nissan Plymouth Satellite 2016 COPO Camero (one of 69 made, factory built NHRA Eliminator dragster) z28 63 Impala wagon Late 60's Chevy Engine from the below pic Nova Nova SS Camero Old truck
  12. Kennekuk Car Show (Picture Heavy)

    Took my S10 to the biggest car show in the area and as promised to @Crawford1872 here is some pics. Imgur has a daily limit so more pics coming tomorrow. Late 40's Chevy Late 40's Buick Porsche (dunno year and type) Late 70's Nova Right to Left, new Corvette, 2 Ford El Ranchero's (dunno year's, mid 50's my guess), 64 Corvette, 30's Ford Coupe and Dodge Truck Couldn't tell you what make the 1st 3 are, then 81 Chevy truck, next 3 are in the other pics Motor cycle with S10 stepside bed and Corvette tailights Not sure what the car is, but it has a 327 Chrysler engine and is for sale for $25k Right to left, Olds 442, 78 Trans AM, and Plymouth Roadrunner 78 Pontiac Trans AM
  13. My new (to me) S10

    After a bit of tuning up here is what it sounds like, my phone doesn't do it justice though cuz Rose can hear it 2 miles or so from our house Engine bay cleaned up. Oh yeah, the dash is out of a '59 Chevy
  14. I haven't hosted shit in a long time and if I gonna play some GTA then I want to do 1 the way we use to do on Saturday nights. Gonna host this on the evening of the 26th at 9:30PM Central, 16 job playlist of all job types and settings. I'm not familiar with most of the newer created stuff, this will likely be older jobs from the 1st year and half or so of the crew. They'll be no split playlist of 8 and 8, 16 jobs straight through.
  15. What did you do today?

    Will do, about 350 cars of all types (might even see a Euro car or 2) and years are expected tomorrow

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