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Anyone interested in doing this? Been awhile since we done this.
3 legs. 3 sets, double elimination
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It's time for the results of the Crew Awards 2017. Thank you to everyone who voted. Counting the votes up took a while, but it was nice to see there were lots of names in lots of categories.  

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again for all the effort from everyone in making Domestic Battery such a great community to be a part of. 


The Winners 


Crew Member Of The Year - @Lann


Most Friendly/Helpful Member - @Con


Best Events Organiser - @Lann


Funniest Member @LimeGreenLegend


Most likely to Balls Something Up - @Dodge


Most entertaining on Mic - @LimeGreenLegend & @Crawford1872


Most Wanted On Your Team in a DM - @DavidCore89


Most Likely to Bet on in a Land Race - @DavidCore89


 Most Likely to Bet on in an Air Race - @JustHatched


Most Creative Member - @Lann


Best Deathmatch - Darkzone, by @no_snacks


Best Land Race - Elevation St, by @Banketelli


Best Stunt Race - Tataviam Frozen, by @Lann


Best Capture - Dozer Game, by @Lann & Battlefield : Rhino, by @JustHatched


Best Last Team Standing - RPG Peekaboo, by @no_snacks


Best Job Descriptions - @DeaD_GooN


Snapmatic of the Year (Best Photographer) - @Beez


Best Dressed - @LimeGreenLegend


Most Wanted Freeroam Buddy - @pete_95973


Best kill - @The_Lady_A 


Funniest GTA Video - @TheBoyBry

Best Car - XA-21, Regina & Pariah 


Best Motorcycle - Shotaro


Best Other Vehicle - APC 


Most Improved Racer -  @Con


Most Improved Shooter @djw180
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Invitation to Clash of the Crews - Season III
A GTA Online league for crews.
Every round your crew will play against another crew in a playlist.

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A time slot open for business!
This is a time slot open for anyone to host an event, just let me know and we will schedule your event!
I will also host different events, regulat playlists, themed playlists, h2h's, multi crew events, freeroam events, job testing..

I will invite and encourage non-xdbx players to join.
Regular Co-hosts?!
It would be great if we had a few of us co-hosting and organizing this, let me know if you are interested!
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Feb 24th 23:00 utc
Max 15 players and 5 organisations in each crew.
Duration: 30 minutes.
Anything except Orbital strikes is allowed (no glitches).
Both crews starts at the LSIA with one or two non-armed airplane (Miljet, Luxor).

No organisations set or (other) vehicles spawned before we all take of in our airplanes.
No killing anyone before they leave the initial airplane.
Lets make use of those freeroam toys! 
KING of the KORTZ - a free roam crew battle



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RSVP early to the hottest playlist in the galaxy!!

Event Host: Omarcomin71 & Pete_95973
Game: GTA Online
Event Start Time: Saturday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC
(Saturday, 4:00pm EDT / Saturday, 9:00pm BDT / Sunday, 6:00am AEST)
Reoccurring: Weekly
Special Rules for Event/s: No BPH, No Lester, Have Fun
Description of Event/s: A mix of every type of job out there, Both R* & Crew created along with random jobs from RSC/.
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Special Rules for Event: Varies per event
Description of Event: A free-roam minigame of sorts/some GTA sports night/off-roading night/special vehicle night, etc. Different rules depending on event. (Examples: Cops & Criminals free-roam minigame/8-ball night using Squirrel's job/any friendly Pantoball or Golf or Tennis or car football tournament night/adventures around Mt. Chiliad - to name just a few)

(Can also be an event to try out other games together)

Event is only open for crew members and trusted friends of members/XDBX.

Saturday Night ALIVE (Protocawl)
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An open event for those wanting their tips touched every Friday.
What: A mixed job types playlist
Duration: about 8 to 10 jobs, so between 1 and 1.5 hours

Any job suggestions please leave a post on the thread.
Event Host: LimeGreenLegend
Game: GTA Online
Event Start Date: 7th August 2015
Event Start Time: Friday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC

(Friday, 4:00pm EDT / Friday 9:00pm BDT / Saturday, 6:00am AEDT)
Reoccurring: Weekly

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Tired of never getting to be the Fire Truck in Hunting Pack? Think you know the fastest route to the Paleto Bay firehouse? Put your skills to the test in this red-hot race across Blaine County.

So, it's a Transform Stunt Race that takes place entirely in the Fire Truck. The race is locked to the Entity but that's just to satisfy the creator. The route follows the standard path for Hunting Pack, but the CPs are setup to allow multiple ways to the finish. Both sides of the highway are usable and there are several options for how to navigate Paleto Bay.

Usually the colour of car you select will determine your Fire Truck's colour, some only change the stripes.

I have it set as a contact race. There are wide roads and multiple paths, but if contact is just too much carnage, I'll have to switch it. Traffic is set to medium by default and is fairly light. If contact doesn't work on this track, I might increase the traffic level to high, the track is too boring otherwise.

If any playlist hosts give this a try, feedback would be much appreciated.
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Friday Night Foolin'
Feb 24 - All @Beez, @Con and @ssracingn2 jobs All The Time (ABCSSATT)

March 2 - Oval First Person Racing (will race American Mile and Indianapolis Speedway by @no_snacks and my Tri Tri Again with extended amount of laps in first person)

March 9 - All @Pb76 All The Time (16 jobs made by PB76) APBATT

March 16 - Freeroam (Crew Lobby) Taxicab Racing (we will all call a cab at a yet to be determined place in the south of the map, set a way point to the top of Mount Chiliad and our cab drivers will drive us there, see who gets there first)

March 23 - All @LimeGreenLegend and @BustyRose All The Time (mostly a racing playlist with jobs from Lime and Rose) ALGBRATT

March 30 - Dirty Deeds Playlist (race as nasty and as rough as you want, it is encouraged, wear your BPH and use owned weapons. Be the asshole)
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Mixed Playlist Night!! - Come join us!! Shoot and Race your way to the top!!
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2 part challenge
Part 1 - Best 2 lap time on Phantom of the Shopera by Crawford1872
Part 2 - The first 3 holes of golf - For each point under par you finish we will subtract 1 second from your race time, for each point over par we will add 1 second to your race time.
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This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or GTA event at the scheduled time. So if you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ, Hogan or Lime know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule
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Description of Event: 
This event is a playlist full of team based jobs where without communication it will be really hard to compete. 
This playlist will contain Rally races, Capture, LTS, and other types of modes that will require communication. 
This playlist will be mostly filled with boots on the ground combat, there will be races every now and then but i would like to focus on Combat Jobs.

Date of Event: Every Saturday

Time of Event in UTC: 12am EU

Does Event Repeat: Yeah

 If Event Repeats/How Often: Once a week or every other week

Event Host: Mah1800, Gioo1234

Amount of Players Allowed: 12+

Special Rules for Event: No BPH, no blimp on map 
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Every Tuesday at 09:00 pm GMT / 04:00 pm EDT
Join your host MrBump as he puts together a series of jobs that are all about Adversaries. You know, smashing the opposing team to a pulp and humiliating them as much as possible. Expect whatever fun to last around an hour and a half and feature everything from Sumo to Cross the Line to Beast vs Slasher to Hunting Pack and more! Victory will never have felt so good, so sweet and so satisfying as you pummel your opponents!

This event will be limited to 8 players each week so make sure you grab your seat first and you grab it quickly. If interest permits, we can adjust how we work our numbers or even run more jobs that will fit more players.
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This Weekend: (All Lann all the time) Playlist featuring @Lann creations

Event will be playlists, freeroam stuff and whatever else sounds good to me

Feb 16 - ALATT (All Lann all the time) Playlist featuring @Lann creations
Feb 23 - Deathtrain Freerom
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Lovely Valentine's Day, indeed! We choose the war part and leave the love out of this Wednesday's Target Practice, where we'll be riddling everything and everyone with bullets that don't have a hole in them yet (and where there are holes, more will be created)... in style! Dress up as a classic mobster/classy lady or a bedroom predator/hot mama and leave those modern combat outfits at home this time around! We'll also pull our personal Gusenberg Sweepers (tommyguns) out of the trunks of them Roosevelts and spread some led all over those fancy outfits and cars to leave a bloody message to anyone foolish enough to step onto our turf.

Special Rules for Event: All participants should wear full combat/military outfits. That includes all the special military helmets and hats, any BPH helmet (optional), heavy heist outfits, camo clothing, tactical outfits and accessories in general + anything else that I may have missed here, but fits into that category. (If the majority vote to ditch the BPHs for any specific event before it starts, we can ditch them.)

Very rarely making some calls to NPCs may be allowed (and encouraged) during some jobs.


Description of Event: A PL of 7-10 combat jobs each week for combat practice on different TDM, LTS, Capture & Adversary Mode maps + a random casual fun job in the mix every time as well (at least 3 TDMs, 2 Captures, 1 LTS and a fun job that could be anything from Pantoball to RvI to Demo Derbys). Outfits are expected to be "professional" as in military/spec ops/airforce/etc. style as mentioned in the Special Rules above. On some occasions specific Owned Weapons might also be used in some jobs. The event is closed to randoms, but friends of crew members are welcome as long as they can follow the rules.


Target Practice (Protocawl)


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Vespucci Concrete

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The Burger Shot Stallion meet the Ramp Buggy and the Phantom Wedge.

A simple track where you drive a Burger Shot Stallion going west and a Ramp Buggy or Phantom Wedge going east, all on the same track. 

Its time to flipp those burgers into the Alamo Sea! 



One lap is about a minute.



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Crew Challenge 146 - Happy 4th Birthday XDBX

To coincide with the crew's 4th birthday we have a special challenge. Like last year this is team challenge for teams bigger than usual. But rather than a battle of the nations / regions we are going to split up into appropriate teams once we have people signed up. The exact number of teams doesn't matter. The minimum team size is 4 and the maximum size can be anything. Every team member has to do the 3 individual events. Then there are 2 group events that only have to be done by a group of 4 team members. The 3 individual events can be done solo or with randoms, but it may be better to do them with your teammates if possible – that is up to you.

I'd like each team to have a nominated captain who should be responsible for ensuring their other team members get all the individual events done and that the team as a whole does the two group events at some point. So if you'd like to be captain please say so when you sign up. When it comes to sorting out the teams I think the easiest is to just pick who's team you want to be in, bearing in mind teammates need to be playing the game at some of the same times of the day.



Individual events – can be done on your own, with randoms or your teammates. Use these to beat randoms, cooperate with your teammates or just grind out the best results solo. It's up to you.

fastest time on an air race

highest score in parachuting

most kills in a 10 min (T)DM

if done with your teammates you must be on the same side for it to count

The team's time or score for these is just the average for all players in that team


Group Events

4 player team time trial, time to count is that for the 4th place

4 player contact mission, fastest time – save a video.


More details in the nest post.



In each event the team with the best score / time will score points equal to the total number of teams. The 2nd place team will score 1 less, and so on. e.g. if we have 3 teams it's 3 points for a win, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd in each event.


You can start trying out the events now – and I would encourage everyone to have a go at the individual events sooner rather than later just so you get a time / score in in case you do not get chance later.

The challenge will end 19:00 UTC 12th Feb.

That gives us over 3 weeks but with 5 events per team and the actual 4th anniversary next weekend I want to give everyone plenty of time.


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The city folks have decided to visit the Hilljacks. Have the youngin fetch the your shotgun and blast the city stink off those BMW drivin city folk with all the book learnin.


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VOTING CLOSING SOON!! Please complete your submissions!!! Thank you for voting!!!

XDBX Crew Awards 2017
Awards season is here! Step out on the red carpet and vote!!
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Thursday Night Thunder - Custom Rat Loader Racing

Thursday Night Thunder (TNT) is a NA time zoned PL on Thursday Nights. Join your host DodgeService every Thursday at 10:30 PM EST / 2:30 AM GMT on Friday. The theme for this PL will change weekly. Visit this forum every week to see what's in store for you. It will always be a Racing PL using a specific class, or car, or style of track, or something to keep it fresh.

Check this forum often for details and updates for upcoming Events and special requirements involved. 



Please RSVP for this PL. Also there will be an announcement made in the Shout box, and on RSC's in game message system when the Crew Lobby opens.

Rules of TNT:


FUN MUST BE HAD, for Fuck's sake.

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Far Cry 5....
Who is planning on getting this? You can play the entire game co-op (I'm guessing 2 people max). 
It was supposed to be out Feb 27th but was pushed back to March 27th. I've had it pre-ordered for months, cannot wait .
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THANK YOU FOR VOTING!!! All votes are truly appreciated!!
Vote and brag about your great taste when your favorite wins!!

Winter in Los Santos was brief but Domestic Battery members made the most of it and these photos all prove it. Vote for your favorite and thanks to everyone who entered.

Butterfly - @Jesse
Arctic Assault - Jesse
Waiting for Santa - @Lann
Ice Road Fuckers - Lann
Nakota Flyby - Beez
Small Town USA - Beez
Retro Mountainside - @djw180
Chilly Roosevelt - djw180
Secret Santa - @Danielle
Cold Commando - Danielle
Christmas (Palm) Tree - @Con
The Bird - Con
Santa Pause for Reflection - @Crawford1872
The Elves Rise Up - Crawford1872
Winter Beater - @Dodge
Snow Sabre - Dodge
Sunrise at Snowy River - @Protocawl
Hydra Hanger - Protocawl
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