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  2. Arizona Sunshine

    [@5:06-5:13 ----- I actually fell off my chair. ] The Finale: THE END....Thanks for watching!!
  3. ps4 DiRT Rally

    Once I get the spoiler-filled post sorted out (spoilers are a mess, complete P.I.T.A), then you can watch some of the videos and some more videos are coming shortly. You'll pretty much see what it's like.
  4. ps4 DiRT Rally

    What's this game like? Been thinking of getting it.
  5. ps4 DiRT Rally

    @Road2fury, @LimeGreenLegend, @Beez, @Dodge My season 1: Event 1 - Germany Struggled properly on all stages, plenty of crashes. (Rest of the post will be in the spoilers in the spoiler. Yeah. Great, huh? ) Event 2 - Wales I had a pretty abysmal welsh rally due to my gung-ho approach. First two stages saw lots of mistakes and crashes, including an epic rollover on stage 2. I believe stage 4 was the cleanest and fastest of all. Stage 5 was very eventful and there was another epic crash right before the 2nd split. By the end the car sounded absolutely terrible for obvious reasons. (timestamps for specific stages are on the YT page) Event 3 - Finland First 2 stages were filled with massive crashes, which eventually brought about my retirement from the rally on stage 5. Stages 3 & 4 were rather fast and gave hope to climb back, but a blown engine on stage 5 left me at the very bottom of the leaderboard of rally Finland. Event 4 - Sweden Definitely the best rally of the season for me, but not without a fair share of small mistakes. Full season results will follow in the next post and the post after that will come on Monday with all the info on Season 2.
  6. Suggest/Request a Job

    Thanks, I beleive we did that race on motorcycles in season 2. Much appreciated.
  7. Suggest/Request a Job

    Quarantine (TDM: 2-8 players): I remember playing this on PS3. Chaothic and funny as hell, it can also be very tactical if you choose the correct position. Beachfront (TDM: 4-8 players): small map, you don't have any chance to scape. You must fight no matter what. Nurburgring (Car race: 1-16 players): supers or sports. Big circuit with some interesting turns.
  8. Best Cars per Class (PS4)

    It’s an absolute monster. If you can control it it beats anything hands down. On a longish straight you can easily gain about 3 seconds over any other sports car. But it’s hard to handle, so don’t forget you could lose those 3 seconds in the very next corner 😝
  9. We are working on gathering the jobs for the third season. Our estimate is that we are looking at finding about: 10 street races (for commonly used vehicles) 10 other types of races (Air, Water, Off road, Stunty stunt, Motorcycle, Bikes, Parachute..) 10 TDM (Forced and Pickups) 5 LTS (Balanced*) 5 Captures (Balanced*) 20 Adversary mode jobs (Balanced*) *Balanced = Fair so it does not matter what team/side you start on. All should be working well with 8 players. Without a promises of using any suggested jobs we would like to open up for suggestions/requests! Leave a link to the job on Rockstar Social Club and let us know why its a good job and if its a race prefered vehicle class.
  10. Best Cars per Class (PS4)

    Sell and buy Pariah. It won't be changed.
  11. Best Cars per Class (PS4)

    The Pariah is currently on sale. Should I buy it? My fastest Sports car is the Massacro right now and I'm pretty sure the Pariah is now the king of the class. I have not researched that but I'm pretty sure I've heard/read that it's the best. My worry is that R* will alter the specs in an update and then it won't be the best and I've wasted money. What say you, crew?
  12. ps4 Rogers Crap

    I did not enjoy the Marksman rifle at all when we played in Two Bros last night. I like the map so i dont want to delete it. I have changed it to Assault SMG only.
  13. Season 3

    One spot left guys.... kinda hoping GTAF grab it. @PretendWereDead have they shown any interest? Unless of course Vacant is the name of a Crew
  14. Season 3

  15. Season 3

    Welcome! It is a fun, relaxed yet very competitive league. Great to have you guys joining!
  16. Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Inside Man: 4.5/5 great movie
  17. Season 3

    hi im the crew leader of merryweather-MWSF and we would like to give this tournament a try and hopefully it’ll be fun competing with other crews in this tournament so count us in too. thanks, theswagguy_zain
  18. Season 3

    We had eight crew signing up yesterday and we only have 2 or potentially 4 spots left for season 3 of Clash of the Crews. It require you to have 4 players in a battle every other week and will include almost every game mode gta offers. Let me know if you want in!
  19. Food Glorious Food aka Food Porn

    Our weekly cheat night! Hers: Wood grilled shrimp, shrimp scampi, fried shrimp, wild rice and a baked potato Mine: Crab linguine alfredo
  20. Rate the Last Film you Watched

    Just watched Thor Ragnarok. Just a bit meh really. Glad I didn’t waste any money on it. Felt like it was Flash Gordon written by Will Ferrell but with out the camp cheesy humour and amazing sound track. Not sure what they were trying to do with the comedy but it just didn’t work. The Hulk shouldn’t be a speaking role other than the occasional “hulk smash”. The whole film seemed to be a series of bad cameos. What worked for Guardians certainly hasn’t worked for Thor.
  21. Last week
  22. Hi, I’m Dustin

    Welcome mate! Good to have you around, nice intro.
  23. Saturday Night ALIVE (Protocawl)

    Centenary Celebrations Estonia turned 100 years old today, so we might as well celebrate that this Saturday night! The idea is simple: This means jobs in the sky, forest and sea to represent the flag (without snow, unfortunately) and races that have something to do with "100" (straight and ovals, figures of 8). Everyone is expected to dress up in BLUE, BLACK and WHITE and arrive in a rally car or any vehicle in the aforementioned colour(s). We'll meet in the hills next to the ocean at the south-eastern part of the map, near the city. There will be room for 16, might add in a few smaller jobs if there are less than 8 RSVPs by start time. RSVP here:
  24. Hi, I’m Dustin

    Welcome, Dustin!
  25. Season 3

    Thats clear enough, really happy to see you guys back in!
  26. Season 3

    Thanks for the invite The lower numbers for each team should really help us to get involved Lan. If you need a hand with anything organisation wise, let me know. Do I need to make an official entry post like AJ has?
  27. Season 3

    Welcome VANS! Happy to let everyone know we now have eight crews claiming a spot!
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