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  2. ps4 XDBX Tennis Championship

    I'll be on tonight fairly early for me, if you on shoot me a message even if I am in star trek. Otherwise @Potato can give me the F. I been tied up IRL and with some star trek fleet issues
  3. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    I agree, I felt like I was being lapped, didn’t even fight it lol
  4. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    To be fair you absolutely minced me 😂 I started to cover the inside, then saw how far behind you were so went to take a normal racing line but then when I started to turn in you were somehow alongside me.
  5. Today
  6. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Recap: 0:25 Massive 1st crash (super start by myself) 1:49 From 13th to 2nd spot in 1 lap! 8:12 Overtake to @Potato in 1st place Win.
  7. I swear everything was free in the Beach Bum update IIRC... Anyway you are defo right, it has become easier to earn money, prices of new content has also risen with that. No argument with your point of view, I just don't think it is relevant here as I don't think this 'DLC' is loaded to encourage spending like others have been. I am just itching for the content to be available in Creator which is a GTA$ free zone Edit to add: Just tried one... what a pile of tripe. Nice to see some new props though, not gonna bother with these until they are available in Creator.
  8. I ran a few with @djw180 and the races are just ok, IMHO. The tracks are a bit boring and the planes feel slow. The first few days will be amusing racing them with randoms listening to them struggle. I will not be buying anything just for these races. I generally buy what I like, not always what's best for racing anyway. Remember, it's the Indian, not the arrow. We are all better than most randoms at racing, especially air and sea since most randos never join those in the past. Just put the hammer down and drive!
  9. Yeah but it was even worse at the start of gtao. Hardly any ways to earn a decent amount of cash, and ridiculously overpriced vehicles. They’ve always been encouraging SC sales. Only thing different is that back then everyone was in the same boat. God knows where I would’ve been if some beautiful man hadn’t given me 9mil in a hacked lobby back on ps3.
  10. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    Yeah it was the only reason I jumped ship. I know how frustrating it is for Rosta to have to carry a random. lol.
  11. Coveted x16 on a playlist for me... it got me my Carbo and my Buzzard. But the thread is not about how easy or difficult it is to grind these days. Squirrels gripe is that the new game game mode has been abused to encourage spending and therefore encourage SC sales, IMO that is a different argument to how easy it is to grind money these days. Personally I do not agree with the Squizzmacher, I have a much more negative view on R* (well T2 really) since the Open IV, legit PC players money issues and the direction of recent DLC's but I don't see the 'greed' here, really looking forward to the Creator content and using Transform for what we want rather than what R* 'pushes'.
  12. I dont know how many times i stolen that Felon GT from the lawyer, just to sell it for a nice 20k.
  13. I agree with dc. I remember when I had to grind the same contact mission for 3/4 days to be able to afford a zentorno on sale. Anyone who has been around since the start will know rooftop rumble was the only way to grind a decent amount of cash, and back then it was only about 20k, plus rockstar nerfed earnings from it and you had to be over level 75 to play it (which took a while to get to). So knowing that now I can afford any item in the game by grinding for the same amount of time, it isn’t that bad imo.
  14. OK, so many vehicles can't be modified, then everyone gets stock? If that's the case, it narrows the list down a bit.
  15. No which is why I left them off the custom purchase list. The post above isn't just a rant about rockstars policies. I'm personally not happy about it but the information is there so you can make informed choices about if you want to buy a vehicle or not. In @Lann's case he doesn't need to buy a Mallard or Seashark as you can't upgrade them. It could be worth people recording videos of each race and work out how much time each vehicle is used in a race. This will also help decide if it's worthwhile buying a specific vehicle for this game mode.
  16. Can you modify a Mallard and Seashark?
  17. Not a scam, it's a choice. I'm not gonna buy customs for any vehicle unless it's good for normal racing, wanted new cars as well. Things naturally get more expensive in many games which are replaced every year, but GTAO has been out a lot longer, so therefore prices are much more inflated. In these yearly games, try to start playing online after about 6 months and you'll see that GTAO is actually quite easy on new players. When I started, I had to unlock everything, couldn't just go and buy a carbine and a homing launcher, nope, I had a pistol and freemode was full of tanks. Nobody was giving away race wins, absolutely not, I had to win them the hard and dirty way. There were no businesses to run solo in passive lobbies, so everything needed unlocking to be able to compete, or get my ass kicked. I couldn't afford all the best stuff, the grind was huge, 4 years in fact. Yet people late to the game complain about things being expensive when they're making millions a day while sat in safe lobbies. You guys don't know how easy you have it Another thing that irks me is people complaining about the developer or publisher while playing the game for years and using forums dedicated to it. Just stop if it's that bad. I don't play any 2K games, and for that reason you won't find me on a forum dedicated to their games. People love to hate R*, but they're one of the very best, free updates for 4 years is just one example.
  18. Time to buy a Mallard, Sea shark and a Zentorno and i have 4 races all covered! Thanks for a great list @Squirrel!!
  19. Adverse Sundays (JustHatched)

    Despite a low turn out I had a lot of fun Sunday night. And even though the random sucked props to him for staying and trying his best the whole way through.
  20. ps4 Pfister Supercup (Squirrel)

    Here is my race... My first lap was abysmal, dropped from second to 8th or 9th after a random Comet spin out. My overtaking of Beez was just after 5 mins 30 in the video. The rest is pretty dull apart from the Comet misbehaving a lot more than usual Absolutely gutted that my qualifying time didn't result in a better finish but I think the 5th I got last week was probably my highest potential finishing position looking at the usual suspects, also I think I am pretty safe in my position in the League Standings.
  21. Damn Squirrel, am I getting a real anti R* vibe from you these day's? None of the purchases are compulsory and many will have a lot of the vehicles already, not having a few will make it more fun with a group of friends as having to use a stock car on certain transforms will mix things up a bit. Sure there is the argument that those who take these races seriously will feel the need to make sure they have a modded vehicle for each Transform, but those are the type of player who are prepared, grinding and won't mind the purchases. Racing with friends for fun is what we do and it is different to grinding these races for cash, we do not need to buy anything just change the settings to suit what we have. Forget any negativity that comes with the R* created races and look forward to all the completely free creator options that could be heading our way...
  22. Just because there are publishers out there doing worse things doesn't instantly redeem Rockstar imo. The cost of things has been getting steadily higher increasing the grinding required if you want to avoid the paywall. As someone who was late to the party - starting just after Gunrunning was released - it felt like a full time job trying to get to a point where it was remotely possible to race or compete evenly with other players. And most newer players don't have the advantage of an experienced, organised crew and the knowledge of how keep lobbies safe to work in. So this constant inflation pushes the game ever further towards being pay to win for all but the most established of players.
  23. Wield Thor’s hammer against mighty Zeus in Hand of the Gods, the collectible-card strategy game from the makers of Smite. We grew up playing collectible-card games on the kitchen table and are proud to bring our take of the genre to life. Today, Hand of the Gods enters Closed Beta on PS4 and we invite players to enter a first-of-its-kind card game — with a special bonus for PlayStation Plus members! The Hand of the Gods Closed Beta is available for free to PlayStation Plus members along with a bundle of exclusive items, including a PlayStation-only Galactic Invader Ah Puch leader skin! Not a PlayStation Plus member, but want to play? Any of the bundles in the PlayStation Store for Hand of the Gods will include Closed Beta access. Unlike physical collectible-card games, Hand of the Gods isn’t limited to just playing cards on a table to simulate the action. Here, you’ll directly summon the creatures and Gods of mythology and they’ll come to life in beautiful models rendered in Unreal Engine 4. We’ve taken the genre and designed our take as a video-game first — not as an adaptation. So, once the creatures are on the board, you’ll take direct control of them and attack your opponent’s objective, the Summoning Stone. Take command as one of seven unique leaders, each representing a different pantheon in the Smite world. Each leader has its own special ability and those abilities can produce interesting synergies in the game. Ra, leader of the Egyptian pantheon, can heal allied units each turn, and many of the creatures and Gods in that pantheon gain additional effects when healing occurs. We’ve designed Hand of the Gods around these interactions, so players can find their own way to play! We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available in Hand of the Gods. You can find out more for yourself by playing today! Be on the lookout for exciting content updates, including new game modes and more cards, coming soon! View the full article
  24. Of the ones I've done you can usually turn customs off. But if the starting vehicle is something that doesn't have a custom version (cycle, boat) you may not be able to. I've not done enough to be totally sure. The option to turn customs off not being there could of course be a bug, Rockstar seem to like that sort of bug.
  25. Transform Races (Shark card sales in disguise)

    Yeah, I wouldn’t call this a scam, especially compared to what other publishers are doing. Rockstar are practically angels. Check out Jim Sterling on YouTube, he’s been on a run o calling out this bullshit lately, eg. putting the true ending of a game behind a paywall, flat out lying that there won’t be micro transactions when there were, taking stuff out of a game that was in previous instalments and putting that stuff in loot boxes. I have nothing bad at all to say about Rockstar compared to these assholes.
  26. Scam might be a bit of an exaggeration? Nobody has to play them. You can turn customs off, just like in normal races. Most people in this crew have already bought 20, 30, or 40 custom vehicles or more for racing already. I don't even like to race much and I have spent $82 million dollars on vehicles lol. I am looking forward to playing these but if I don't like them or don't want to buy any vehicles I feel are necessary to own to play them I simply won't play them. And I won't feel scammed.
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