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  • Upcoming Events

    • 12 December 2017 09:00 PM Until 11:00 PM
      Event Host: MrBump360/ Protocawl
      Game: GTA Online
      Event Start Date: 9th May 2016
      Event Start Time: Tuesday, 9:00pm GMT/UTC
      Reoccurring: Weekly
      Bumps Adverse Tuesday
      Hosted by MrBump360
      Every Tuesday at 09:00 pm GMT / 04:00 pm EDT
      Join your host MrBump as he puts together a series of jobs that are all about Adversaries. You know, smashing the opposing team to a pulp and humiliating them as much as possible. Expect whatever fun to last around an hour and a half and feature everything from Sumo to Cross the Line to Beast vs Slasher to Hunting Pack and more! Victory will never have felt so good, so sweet and so satisfying as you pummel your opponents!
      This event will be limited to 8 players each week so make sure you grab your seat first and you grab it quickly. If interest permits, we can adjust how we work our numbers or even run more jobs that will fit more players.
    • 13 December 2017 08:00 PM Until 09:59 PM
      Event Host: @djw180, @LimeGreenLegend & @kernalhogan
      Game: GTA Online
      Event Start Date: 1st June 2016
      Event Start Time: Wednesday, 8:00pm GMT/UTC
      (Wednesday, 4:00pm EDT / Wednesday, 9:00pm BDT / Thursday, 6:00am AEST)
      Reoccurring: Weekly
      This playlist is open for any crew member to host a one off playlist or GTA event at the scheduled time. So if you would like to try hosting or have done it before but can't commit to a regular playlist, simply let DJ, Hogan or Lime know what your would like to do and which date and we can slot you into the upcoming schedule
    • 14 December 2017 03:30 AM Until 05:30 AM
      Date of Event: Every NA Wednesday & Saturday evening/EU Thursday & Sunday morning
      Time of Event in UTC: Thursday 3:30am & Sunday 3:30am
      Does Event Repeat: Aye
      If Event Repeats/How Often: Weekly
      Event Host: Protocawl/substitute host
      Amount of Players Allowed: 16 or 30 most of the time; could be less in case of a special PL
      Special Rules for Event: Whenever I (Proto) am the host, all participants should wear full combat/military outfits. That includes all the special military helmets and hats, any BPH helmet, heavy heist outfits, camo clothing, tactical outfits and accessories in general + anything else that I may have missed here, but fits into that category. If the majority vote to ditch the BPHs for the PL before it starts, we'll ditch them, though.
      No calls, as usual, but if I say so, very rarely Merryweather calls might be allowed (if possible during jobs).
      In case of substitute hosts, they're free to use their own rules if they wish to do so.
      Description of Event: A PL of 7 combat jobs on 2 nights every week for combat practice on different TDM, LTS and Capture maps and a random pure fun job in the mix every time as well. More precisely about 3 TDMs, 2 Captures, 1 LTS and a fun job that could be anything from Pantoball to RvI to Demo Derbys. Outfits are expected to be "professional" as in military/spec ops/airforce/etc. style as mentioned in the Special Rules bit above. On rare occasions specific Owned weapons might also be used in a job. The event is closed to randoms, but friends of crew members are welcome as long as they can follow the rules.
      In cases when I can not host, I'll offer a spot for any substitute host, who can either use the same event plan with their own combat PL and their own rules or the PL I've prepared for the night with the usual rules for this event.
      Also: If anyone needs a slot for a one-off event at this event's time, let me know and you'll most likely get it!
  • Recent Event Reviews

    • TNT Racing (Dodge)
      By Con,
         TNT Racing is fun night out every time. Dodge releases his monthly schedule and this prepares everyone ahead of time to acquire cars that may be required. Every last of Thursday of the month is Combat Night which helps us combat junkies get even with the fast drivers. TNT is a great playlist for its diverse cars and tracks and occasional themed nights are always hilarious.Whether you are an elite driver or just want to get better....join TNT every Thursday, you won't regret it. 
    • TNT Racing (Dodge)
      By Beez,
         Dodge always finds a way to keep the racing fresh with TNT. From stock vehicle nights (IROC) to endurance to series devoted to an unpopular custom car, it's always something different. Who would think a night of racing slow-ass Reginas could be such a hoot! Then the next week it might be serious racing with fast vehicles. This playlist always has a good group of racers chatting it up and fun antics on the track. Don't miss it.
    • Mixed NA Playlist (Truelife)
      By lIIlCompleXlIIl,
         One of the longest running crew playlists around!!! This is always fun, and I have joined in on this more then any other. Got the time? Come do the crime!
    • Saturday Racing League (silenttigercd)
      By JustHatched,
         Test review due to site upgrade
    • Saturday Racing League (silenttigercd)
      By skip_rat,
         A well planned event and a must for anyone who enjoys racing in GTA. Great fun and a nice variation of cars and tracks from week to week.
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